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    Removed limit on number of sections users can view within a group. Previous version limited viewable sections to 12.

Writing Type

Writing Type is a distraction-free writing tool for writers, authors, and bloggers. You can create and organize your novels, blog posts, notes, and poetry documents in the app; consolidate and export your documents to Word or PDF; easily share the entire project, or a small sample of text, via email or to any other app that accepts text sharing. Easily backup your work to any location. Thanks for your feedback! It helps improve the app with each new release. Changelog: v2.1.1.0 (This version) - Removed limit on number of sections users can view within a group. Previous version limited viewable sections to 12. v2.1.0.0 - Fixed issue that prevented app from running on x86 devices v2.0.0.0 - Overhauled user interface - Bug fixes v1.0.0.3 - Addressed bugs in previous version, including backup/restore not working properly v1.0.0.2 - Added Backup/Restore : Easily backup your books and settings for safekeeping or to restore onto another computer. - Export: Easily export your writings to a Word or PDF document - Portrait mode now supported - Bug fixes and UI updates v1.0.0.1 - Fixed touch support for the reordering of sections - Added a method to purchase the app while in trial mode - UI improvements v1.0.0.0 - Initial release The app has a fully functional 15 day trial period before you have to purchase it for continued use. We aim to regularly update app based on customer feedback, so please visit the support site at http://WritingType.com and leave your suggestions, comments, and bug reports. Happy writing!


  • Distraction and clutter-free writing
  • Organize your writing by project
  • Organize your projects by sections and reorder
  • Automatic saving
  • Spell-check
  • Font chooser
  • Adjustable font size
  • Adjustable page width
  • Choose font and background color
  • Export compiles all sections into one document
  • Easy backup and restore

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10 May 2015

I cannot use this app. I looked for settings to begin writing and it doesn't exist. I should have read the reviews first. Micro soft you continue to amaze me with your lack of oversight. Time to buy an Apple.


5 March 2015



3 March 2015

I like the structure of "Projects" organizing but really don"t like the fact that I can't change fonts (or don't know how to) and I can not print any of the subject matter that I wrote. Also having trouble with mailing but that may be my computers problem. Would not recommend.


18 December 2014

I'm using this app to create several outlines for a story I am writing, and I am seriously considering using it to write the entire manuscript. I love the graphical approach to outlining a story, and I love how simple this app is to use. I'm writing on an HP Stream and I bought this app with the available $25 Windows Store credit. This app runs great on a budget laptop, and I will continue to use the app until I can find a good reason to use Word instead. A simple right-click will give me options to rename various titles I assigned to groups or sections, and the settings bar on the right has some functionality. I don't use a touchscreen laptop and I still find this app a delight to use. I can also reassign notes I created to different sections which is very helpful for an outline since ideas tend to evolve.


23 November 2014

My main complaint is I can't seem to delete a section once it's made and that's really frustrating


24 October 2014

The organization on this app is very nice, it helps to see everything that I've written laid out in front of me. I write novels and while it helps with the organization it lacks some of the basic functions like Tab, Fonts, a lot of spellcheck functions, etc. It's really better for organizing homework, articles, etc. Not so much for fiction writers. I switched to Novel Writer and it suites my needs much more.


30 April 2014

The formatting of the text has far too little control. Tab does not work, so paragraphs are hard to separate. Fonts are not changeable and I much prefer working in Courier. On the plus side the groups and sections make outlining fairly easy. My suggestion is to make cards in one project available in another. I would like to have character notes as a project and accessible while constructing the story.


9 April 2014

The app serves the purpose well though soon I would love to see the ability to create subsections say under the chapters and the ability to create tags.


3 January 2014

its good but my question is is it private?


10 November 2013

Great app but Tab button support is a must for writers, at least those who are serious about writhing. It isn't a deal breaker but would be nice in an update.

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