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    Ver. 1.3 Photo sharing Live tile setting Display is collected diary that you created Wallpaper specification function of diary Setting function of the window lock screen


You can keep a diary neatly with '7days'. Post pictures of the library, or write down a your moment. The most memorable day of the week can be displayed specially. The second simple project made in Megazone.


  • Best day of the week can be marked specially.
  • Using Metro UI, can be used simple diary.

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5 October 2015

Love the format. Easy to use.


19 June 2015

사진도 첨부할 수 있고 제목과 내용을 작성하면 저절로 일주의 치의 기록들이 한눈에 보기 쉽게 정리되어 나타납니다. 꾸준히 하루의 기록들을 모으는 재미에 자주 작성하는 중입니다. 삼성 핸드폰과 Samsung Link를 사용하여 사진도 옮기기 쉽고 다이어리 작성엔 적합하다고 생각합니다. 강추


17 April 2015

This application shows a tremendous amount of promise. It is in the beginning stages of development with more features being added in updates. However, I do remember watching "Day One" develop and evolve for Apple products. If the developers put as much love and dedication in this little gem, then this will be the star of the Microsoft store when it comes to writing software. I would recommend that you try it with the thought in mind that this is just the initial idea. My first wish for the developer would be, the ability to add additional entries for a specific day. My second request would be an overall view where I can scroll back through entries in a timeline. The program is a work of art in my opinion.


26 February 2015

I love the idea of having a 7 day journal where I can log my progress. The only thing missing is Spell Check and any edit features such as bold face and ability to add more text after you save or fixing spacing of words.


9 February 2015

No themes, no colors, no creativity. Just a simple app with a password. But I like it


2 January 2015

It's a great app! Minimalistic design and very easy to use for daily journal entries. I just wish there was a way to backup the files in another format like word or notepad. Or maybe save the entries on onedrive


12 October 2014



23 September 2014

Great at capturing a snapshot of a day with photos. Wish I could export to a printed booklet or other formal format.


15 September 2014

like the app for the basic use of it when I reset my computer back to a previous date lost everything that as on the app so it could use a way to not lose the data when you do a system restore


20 July 2014

I like how I can add pictures and write a journal, I also like how it's a calendar view. The only thing I would like for them to add is like the personalization of this app. hopefully they can make an update to this app where we can customize the background and layout of this app.

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