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    Version 3.8: - By drawing the stylus, take into account the pressing - Added tool "Recorder" by which You can capture the action and translate them into an animation - Added *.psd file import - An opportunity to drag the frame to change the playback - Added ability to drag and drop layers to change the depth of objects - Fixed bug with empty frame when playing - Added ability to control the playback speed in real time - Added support for the "hot" keys - Expert mode - Quickly see the finished result - The ability to create your own brushes - Optimized to work with Windows Mobile 10 Version 3.5 - added layer system - added profile manege: gif/video - added feature saving video file - added video timeline - added project animations management - save and open *.amp files (A-Montage project) - optimized processing animation - added French language


With A Montage you can create animated doodles or cartoon animation that turn into full-motion videos or gif-animation. Also you can use A-Montage to create animated selfie, comics, slide shows, mini - cartoons, time lapse video, and other interesting things, that allowing your imagination. In this app you can find other tools: - brush panel (with settings, more types of brush) - two timelines (video or gif) - photo and camera tools (for creation animated selfie, timelapse, presentation or other) - layer system - app and project settings (color pallete, frames, grid) - project management (you can save animation into *.amp file then share it for frend or open to work later) - Tool "Recorder", by which you can record as you draw, and instantly create this animation (eg a signature animation, congratulations or greeting) Make your animation and share it to a world! If you find any bugs or issues please email us at the support address or write in Ant3Dstudio official forum.


  • Frame-by-frame editor
  • Animation editor includes: choose color, brush settings, special brush, copy, paste
  • Animation editor includes: camera settings, to side camera, timelapse camera, text tool, color pallete
  • Animation editor includes: gif-time settings, gif loop settings, video fps settings, video duration
  • Animation editor includes: gif animation timeline, video timeline
  • Image layer system
  • Turn your animation into a movie that you can save to a file or publish as a video to Facebook or YouTUBE. Or save gif file and share to firend
  • Save your project into * .amp file to return to work later
  • Creating animation from the photo
  • Creation of Time-lapse
  • Optimised for touch screens
  • Creating GIF from the YouTube clips or video files from your computer
  • Creating animated Selfie
  • SmartCanvas" technology
  • Saving time lapse as a video or gif animation
  • Undo and redo let you fine-tune your work
  • Color themes for application
  • Stop Motion capturing
  • Support for "hot" keys
  • Stylus supports. Brush size responsive to the degree of pressing the screen

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12 April 2016

played with the tools, seems very flexible, more explanations of how to use the layers and adding cels, seems should be easy to understand yet, after purchase I'll figure it out. Hope after time drawing the Dell XPS 10 doesn't crash from large file allergies. . . :-)


28 December 2015

I have yet to try the stop motion but the brush needs more options. The colors are limited, and theres no eraser. Undo doesn't do what I need. I went to make an anime style animation. Please fix this so I can do what I want to in this app. Stop motion Is oddly set up. And worst of all theres no tutorial to show me how to use it. If they fix all this ill give a higher rating.