ABC Book 3D: Learn English

Learn letters in a virtual playground! “ABC Book 3D” is an interactive book full of surprises and super cute toys for your kid to play with. Features: • Letters from A to G for free. • A full alphabet of 26 letters and an animated SING-ALONG song unlockable by a single in-app purchase. • Every letter has an interactive toy waiting to be discovered. • Fully animated and uniquely interactive objects and scenes like Xylophone – play your own melodies. Zipper – learn to zip and unzip it without the fear of hurting your little fingers. Unicorn – make the most beautiful rainbow in the world! • A fully animated three-dimensional world and objects for your kid to play with. • Fantastic artwork by a famous Lithuanian digital artist. • Professional audio voice-overs and narration that give extra information about the objects your child is playing with. • Safe: No ads. No social media logins. The single in-app purchase process has safeguards that prevent an accidental purchase by kids. Recommended for ages: 2 - 6 All kids from babies to young preschool aged children will love the cute and colorful artwork, but more importantly, they will learn elementary reading, early literacy and even improve learning abilities. The app is kid tested, parent approved, loved by educators and proven to be one of the best tools to introduce toddlers to their primary reading curriculum and vocabulary knowledge. So, fast forward the essential education of your toddler with this simple, intuitive app, which enables active participation by hearing, repeating phonics and practicing the visual discrimination and distinction of upper and lower case symbols. Phonetically accurate sounds and positive reinforcement through an encouraging voiceover will simply educate your kids quicker. All in all, this is a fun educational app that will not only entertain your child, but also teach them to identify, recognize and pronounce letters, their names, phonetics and even basic words. English language will come easy to them. Keywords: English ABC, ABCs, reading, educational, children, games, preschool, alphabet, game, teaching apps, baby, pronunciation, abcd, school, kindergarten, listening skills, spelling Visit us: Follow us: Like us:


  • 26 fully animated and interactive letters with related words.
  • Each page contains a unique toy, associated with a particular letter.
  • A pleasant voice provides phonics for each letter.
  • SING-ALONG song to make it even more fun!
  • Completely safe for children: no ads, protected from an accidental purchase.

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22 July 2016

My daughter loves it


22 July 2015

Good for my niece to learn her ABC.


7 April 2015

Good for everyone


26 February 2015

It remains unknown how many samples went into the artificial mixtures. Did you use one sample from Unit III and one sample from Unit IV? In case most of the samples originated from Unit III, the resulting mixture would also be more representative for Unit III. Thus, it is important to know how many samples were used (and from which depth/units) and how much volume/mass of the samples went into the mixture. Please provide a sample list with information


6 January 2015

just bought the full veraion. kid loves it.


22 December 2014

My little one loves this game. It is interactive and fun


15 November 2014

It's easy for her to use.


3 September 2014

Really helping her say the letters and react to the objects and animations. Keeps her engaged for 20-30min at a time, every time. On the down side, between this and fresh paint, I don't get to use the new computer anymore.


19 August 2014

Good for my chail


30 July 2014

The animations in the book are neat. It is definitely something that children who are learning the alphabet for the fist time would enjoy.

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