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See The Whole Picture with the new ABC News app for Windows 8 featuring breaking news stories, video, photos and more. Get a dynamic, around-the-clock look at content from your favorite ABC News programs including Good Morning America, World News, Nightline, 20/20 and This Week.


  • AM, Midday and Evening Editions that make it faster and easier to browse the day's most engaging news
  • Breaking news alerts
  • Headlines from ABC News top stories in U.S., Politics, Investigative, Health, Money, Entertainment, Technology, Sports, International and Travel
  • Award-winning coverage from Good Morning America, World News, Nightline, 20/20, This Week
  • Lifestyle & Fun section to get the day's most intriguing news, all in one place
  • Trending stories to see what everyone is talking about
  • Swipe from story to story for easy browsing of the day's news

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18 January 2016

this app ABC news tells me my lap top is not connected to the internet? when it clearly is, whats up with that


13 May 2015

abc is no news


25 March 2015

Really? I open the app and nothing? I can tap all the sub brands and they load but the heading nothing? A blank screen....


22 March 2015

When I launch this app, more often than not the news articles are several hours behind. The only fix for this is my uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I've done this 3 times over the past week. Please fix this annoyance ABC. Update: now it's not updating at all, and says there's no Internet connection even though there is.


16 January 2015

Fonts are to small to comfortably read. Doesn't rotate with the tablet screen. Sorry, I have to uninstall, I like the design, it stands out from the other news apps.


22 December 2014

The app doesn't refresh. I've loaded it on both my home and business PCs (of course, implying different firewalls, etc.) and the app updates randomly. On a rare occasion it's current. Most often, it is anywhere from a day to a week out of date. Very frustrating.


10 December 2014

Still Not updating Here it is Dec 10th and still have Dec 5th as the haed liner Uninstalled


25 November 2014

Fine app, but often goes days with old news.


16 November 2014

I like it...


12 November 2014

Quite irritating that this app will not orient itself inline with the position of my Dell Pro 8.

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