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  • Published by: Win8 Poker Card Games
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    * solve a problem on Windows 10, Now game works fine after resize the app window * change the Scoring rules, now use the classic windows version of spider solitaire

Aces Spider Solitaire

Bored with regular Solitaire? With Spider Solitaire you get a whole new level of challenge and entertainment. Spider Solitaire is the card game you need to keep you thinking, strategizing and winning. Spider solitaire has a fantastic user interface, beautiful graphics and subtle sound effects. Spider Solitaire is an extremely popular version of Solitaire where your goal is to place all the cards in each suit in stacks of descending suit sequence. This version of Spider Solitaire is just like the version playable on Windows! Weave your way through 1 and 2 suit games and move up in difficulty as you attempt to tackle 3 and 4 suit games and become a true Spider Solitaire master! The most popular version of Spider Solitaire was introduced in Windows 98. The aim of the game is to get all of the cards in order (King to Ace). To win, you must remove all the cards from the table by building columns organized in descending order, from king to ace. At intermediate (2-suits) and advanced (4-suites) levels, the cards must also match suit. When you succeed in building a sequentially-ordered column, it flies off the table. If you run out of moves, click the pile at the bottom of the table to deal a new row of cards. Drag, tap, or for the most fun, give cards a shove to send them on their way! FEATURES + 3 Spider variations -- 1-suit, 2-suit, 4-suit (traditional) + Beautiful art, cool particle effects and a fun user-interface + Landscape & portrait orientation lock setting + 14 Kinds of Card Backgrounds + 12 Kinds of App Backgrounds + Easy to Use user-interface + Subtle sound effects so you can enjoy your music + Drag and drop cards or throw them! + Playable cards wiggle or glow -- turn off for a bigger challenge. The more the cards wiggle the better the move. + Unlimited Undo + Detailed Statistics

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20 August 2016

I only played 3 games but I'll play many more. Hate the ads.


3 July 2016

Good game for time pass and knoweledge


17 June 2016

Wish it had a finish popup


10 June 2016

Good game. I like the choice of number of suits.


1 June 2016

Darn good


11 May 2016

This program stacks the completed suits right on top of a column, if the column is long, then doesn't allow you to access that column. So I could have won a game, but it wouldn't let me move anything out of the column. Worst. Implementation. Ever. I don't think I will try any other Aces solitaires.


29 April 2016



26 April 2016

Thanks, its a very interesting game.


22 April 2016

great game I love it


4 April 2016

Love this game. I keep trying to come up with strategies to win but I g Keep losing. So I cheat

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