Action Racing 3D 2 Free Lite

This is the FREE LITE edition of Action Racing 3D Part 2! If you're a racing fan then you NEED to get this game today! Race against the clock in a heated battle around the track! Will you be the next race champion? New cars, New tracks, New graphics!


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  • One amazing race track!
  • Easy to play 3D Racing Game!
  • Play against the computer!
  • Speed through to achieve victory!
  • Can you drive faster than the computer?
  • Turbos and Speed powerups!
  • Realistic fast paced racing action!
  • Fast speed race game!
  • Action packed race game!
  • Race against the clock!
  • Battle your opponent on these intense 3D race tracks!
  • Amazing race car driving action!
  • Feel like you are driving in a GT Race or Indy race!
  • No dirt here, just pure rubber in this fast paced race game in 3D!
  • Amazing 3D Racing Graphics!
  • Simple race gameplay!
  • Fast Driving Action!

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7 March 2015

Really good


23 July 2014