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    fix freezing bug and remove the red dress lady

AE Spider Solitaire

Spider! The most popular classic card and casino solitaire game available here! Any feedback please email us, because we can't reply on comments. Thanks very much for all your support in our games! If you like Solitaire, Blackjack, UNO, VIP Pocker, Card Ace: Casino, Slot and dice game, you shouldn't miss this game! Smooth gameplay, awesome vivid sound as well as extremely beautiful graphics, which makes this solitaire game more fun than ever. This solitaire game offers three levels of difficulties, with one, two, or four suits. These play modes are equivalent to disregarding suit difference, either within the colors or altogether. You shouldn’t miss it! The main purpose of the solitaire game is to remove all cards from the table, assembling cards in the tableau before removing them. Initially, 54 cards are dealt to the tableau in ten piles, face down except for the top cards. The tableau piles build down by rank, and in-suit sequences can be moved together. The 50 remaining cards can be dealt to the tableau ten at a time when none of the piles are empty. Get it now! Feeling the attractive challenge and exciting reward!


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8 July 2016

Nice graphics. No software issues or glitches. Hate click to grab and then click to release. Causes false moves, runs up score and forget descent time.


5 May 2016

This app is very challenging and entertaining. Whenever I need a mental health break from my regular routines it helps me to relax and gain a sense of accomplishment.


16 April 2016

I have tried all the spider apps but AE is the best by far!!! The graphics, the size of the cards, the high score and number of games played on the display are far superior to any app out there. I have tried them all and AE is the most user friendly. AE FreeCell is also the best....


14 January 2016

Loads of fun and very addictive!


21 December 2015



20 December 2015

The only fault with this game is that you cannot fill the empty slot with an Ace off of the bottom of the stack. The REALLY good thing is that it !!! I've never seen that before.


11 November 2015

While I enjoy this version very much, I do not like the advertisements, which I find distracting. could do without the card shark in the corner, less sly and maybe happier or more fun. L. Gordon


25 October 2015

very questionable shuffling algorithm,


17 October 2015

Fun game. Relaxing.


10 October 2015

Best Spider Solitaire game by far

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