Al-Quran Simplified

Page and surah based on Uthmani Mushaf Al-Quran. Each page of al-Quran displayed as an font character. Background color change to change to 7 different color to improve reading. Two modes to display mushaf sentence , one sentence (different color) or continuous sentence (single color). Double tap the mushaf to increase or reduce the font size. Bookmark is handy. Surah selection has been added for fast surah selection. If you have slim display you can place it in front of you during solat, recite it during solat (adjust the font). Add feature to allow continuous ayat. We didn't collect, store, share or distribute any data from user.


  • Page number with surah name.
  • One full page based on standard Uthmani mushaf Al-Quran.

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3 July 2015

we want this reading fornt.but when I installd that time showing another font.


18 August 2014

hebat betul