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    Added new feature to backup database to skydrive and restore database from skydrive. Opening URLs in IE for all web URLs Changes all UI page designs for looks and feel. But no functionality changes.

All Passwords

All Passwords is the application to store your account, logins, passwords, pins, Bank Account information, Credit Card information, secret data and any other data want to keep securely in encrypted format. All passwords and secret data is encrypted by using your password and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES256) encryption. Your password is not stored in the phone in raw format. Your password is hashed and stored in the phone. So even if you lost the phone, nobody can retrieve your data without knowing password. These are the features of this application: 1. Create and View Login Accounts with password and/or pins 2. Create and View Bank Accounts 3. Create and View Credit Card information 4. Create and View your secrets 5. Add photos pictures to secret 6. Generate password


  • Store user data in encryptes format
  • Store user bank accounts, credit cards, logins and secrets in encrypted format.

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31 January 2015

I liked the app, but suddenly it won't get past the initial splash screen. I can find no way to uninstall it or reinstall it. I haven't been able to locate any place to report the problem.


12 May 2014

good app my favorite


14 April 2013

So far I am happy with this product. I like the fact that entries are automatically sorted in alpha order. I hope you will add a feature allowing contacts to be exported to a csv file. I also hope you will add a feature allowing contacts to be shared among computes with your product instslled. I have three computers and the thought of re-typing my contact information three times does not excite me. Overall a good product and I look forward to more options as described. Thanks Sister Corby