Aqua Zen

Having a stressful day? Kick back and relax with Aqua Zen's Relaxation music and take a few minutes off to meditate and be mindful of yourself and your surroundings. Mindfulness or Meditation should be something that you practice every day and Aqua Zen will help you achieve that, through relaxing music, water simulation and reminders, so that you maintain a daily routine of practicing mindfulness.


  • Three relaxing music tracks to aid in meditation*
  • Three ambient sound tracks to mix with the relaxing music tracks*
  • A Meditation Timer, for your meditation sessions
  • Live Tile support to track how many minutes you have meditated in a day
  • Daily Reminders, so that you never miss a meditation session
  • Water simulation, in Full Screen Mode, for a soothing experience
  • Ability to change the background images with two built-in images
  • Use your own background images
  • Set or change your meditation goals at any time from the settings
  • Change the Volumes for Ambient & Meditation music separately from the Settings
  • Some music tracks are locked and are available only after unlocking the app

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14 March 2016

You should hear the sounds 😇😇😇😇😇a lot relaxing the best sounds have heard on my life


11 December 2014

The music & ambient sounds are great vehicles for relaxation, and getting into a meditative state. The water & rocks feature is very nice. Also, I appreciate the daily reminders. Truly a Zen experience and well worth the download. One caveat: I can't seem to find the link to purchase. Thank you.


11 September 2014

Very nice and great for end of a stressful day.


18 August 2014

Simple to use. Elegant in it's function. Appropriately Zen. Love the live tile and the full screen riverbeds! Thank you!


9 June 2014

I love this app after some summer practice home work


6 May 2014

I like the combination of the mode and ambience sounds and the ability to mix and match. Would be even better if the timer could make an audible sound when it's up.


7 March 2014

If you are looking for a simple app to help you get into the habit of meditation, this is a great choice. This is a beautiful app. The interface was clean and easy to use. You can set a notification to remind you to meditate each day. It has several settings and will track your progress toward a meditation goal. The music in the free version was excellent for meditating. I purchased the full app to unlock additional sounds, but that's not necessary to get going. If you are trying to jump on the mindfulness bandwagon this is a great way to start.


5 September 2013

I know that the purpose of going zen is stopping everything and doing nothing for a little while. However, it would be nice to be able to enjoy the music and the sounds while I work or do other stuff. After all, if I'm on my computer, I AM working or doing other stuff.


19 August 2013

I really like what this app offers and tried purchasing the pro version to unlock the rest of the selections but it's not working.... :( hope it's fixed soon!


12 June 2013

This only has 2 music tracks on the Surface Pro. Also, links to unlock all content don't work, so I can't purchase the upgrade. Would be really cool if I could.

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