Army vs Terrorists Gun Dead

Army Vs Terrorists: Gun Dead is a free action FPS (first person shooter) game that throws you in hilly area fully under control of terrorists where you have to carry out the special ops. These smugglers are involved in drugs, killings, ransom and other criminal activities. You are an army commando camouflaged in terrorist’s uniform and on a special duty trained with sniping skills in secret agency. In Army Vs Terrorists: Gun Dead, you are a city cop and you have been trained at the secret agency for undercover strike operations. The moment you shoot at the terrorists head, you'll see the bullet ripping through the atmosphere, closing in on the target and eliminating the terrorists with a kill shot! How to Play: - Touch & drag anywhere on the screen move your weapon - Use the scope button to aim closer and close in for the kill - Tap the fire button on the right side to shoot


  • 3D HD realistic graphics
  • Smooth easy controls
  • Realistic FPS (First Person Shooting) controller
  • Fascinating views and amazing animations
  • User friendly GUI
  • Various terrorist characters with unique attack and defense animations

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25 July 2015

very good games