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    v3.1.2 - the app is now available for Xbox One! - fixed crashing on start v3.1 - added option to download HD images - added buttons to manually set selected picture as wallpaper or lock screen background v3.0 - Completely new version for Windows 10 - It's now possible to simply browse all older astronomy pictures since 1995 - Added support for astronomy videos that are sometimes published - Added option to use daily astronomy picture on Lock Screen and Start Screen Wallpaper as well - Added option to save daily astronomy picture to Photos folder

Astronomy Picture of the Day

New version for Windows 10 Mobile, Desktop, Xbox One and HoloLens! 'Astronomy Picture of the Day' allows simple browsing through current and older astronomy pictures from NASA website. It also checks for new images even when it's not running and shows them on the Lock Screen, Start Screen wallpaper and Live Tile, so you never miss any. Must-have application for any astronomy fan! From reviews: 5* "Every day new amazing photos and interesting information. thx!" 5* "This Is One Of The Most Beautiful App's I Have Seen !" 5* "Can't wait to see next picture everyday"


  • New version for Windows 10
  • Simple yet beatiful browsing of current and old astronomy images since 1995
  • Daily astronomy image for your Lock Screen and Start Screen Wallapaper
  • Daily astronomy picture is also shown on the Live Tile and in the Action Center

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22 March 2016

Great app. The tile updates automatically (some say not – the glitch is with their network connection).


24 June 2015

Been using this app for awhile now, but am getting tired of the tile not updating properly, otherwise, 5 stars. While other apps update their tiles each day, this one updates only after opening and closing 3 or 4 times, and then, MAYBE it'll update to the latest picture. Please fix! Thanks for listening! SER


21 September 2014

This is a scam app... it offers no way to update the lockscreen, even after paying. Steer clear.


24 August 2014

Wished it would let you go more than 1 week back. Should have the pics archived.


6 August 2014

...but no captions or descriptions! You have to go to the web site to get any info on what you're looking at. Pass.


5 April 2014

Great pictures but not able to use on daily lock screen as promised. Wrote to designer, no fix offered. Just apology.


27 December 2013



10 December 2013

This is one of my most favorite web sites, but in their attempt to extort money out of us, they have pretty much made the Windows 8.1 app non-functional. They seemed to have disabled most everything when they enabled the nag pop-up. Nothing seems to work right at all; and, it has become a disappointing mess. The "Save Image" feature no longer works, either. The new 2.0 version is a definite step-down, and certainly not an upgrade. It's no longer a free app by any sense of the term 'free'. Going to have to uninstall it and go to the website on the desktop instead.


2 November 2013

I love APOD, not just for the pretty pictures but really to LEARN about the universe we live in. This means I enjoy reading what the professional has to say so I can have a better understanding of what I'm seeing. Please implement this feature of this app and I'll give it 5 stars.


2 October 2013

This app has been great, except for the past couple days. It won't download new images. Hope everything is alright...

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