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AvePoint Pipeline for Microsoft® Dynamics CRM

AvePoint Pipeline for Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers sales teams to be more productive on the go. AvePoint Pipeline displays an aggregated view of all CRM opportunities managed by an individual sales person, or by an entire sales team. Pipeline’s interactive user experience allows sales persons or management to adjust expected close dates, opportunity probability, and easily forecast for the coming months or quarters. With rich features available in Pipeline Pro, Dynamics CRM administrators can configure and customize views according to unique CRM usage in order to accommodate organization-specific definitions of hierarchy, probability, and more to further improve opportunity management and forecasting. Dynamics CRM – Whenever and Wherever You Need It Key Benefits View and Manage CRM Opportunities On-the-Go – Swiftly load, navigate, and browse all opportunities associated with an individual sales person’s or a sales team’s accounts on your mobile device Enhance Management Insight and Reporting – Quickly identify opportunities that require close date or probability adjustments, and implement changes to improve forecasting accuracy Optimize Account Management – Allow sales teams to quickly view and manage opportunity details to reduce customer response times through Pipeline’s graphical and interactive display *Requires an existing Dynamics CRM 2011 or 2013 account (hosted, online, or on-premise)


  • Pipeline View – Interactively display relevant opportunities over a specified time period
  • Forecast – Dynamically show total opportunity amount as well as weighted amount based on opportunity probability in a selected time range
  • Summary – Generate a chart to view total opportunity amounts per month in a specified time range, or per owner to quickly understand opportunity distribution and monthly forecasts
  • Detail View – Present all record details by drilling into opportunities, such as last included line items, expected close dates, and probability
  • Filter – Create views based on opportunity details including business unit, territory, direct manager, or opportunity owner
  • Preview Mode – Allow sales teams to explore “What If” scenarios, adjusting various opportunity close dates and probabilities to view the effect on sales forecasts without skewing the actual details
  • Launch – Quickly open a record in Dynamics CRM directly from Pipeline

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25 December 2013

very helpful