Awesome Reddit

This is an awesome Reddit client that lets you browse your favorite subreddits with the unique experience of reading both post and comments side-by-side.


  • Login to reddit and browse your favorite subreddits
  • Read post and comments side-by-side
  • Save posts you like and read them later
  • Search for sub-reddits and posts
  • Share posts over email or with other apps using the share charm
  • Post a story on reddit, view any posts that you made
  • View embedded youtube videos, imgur albums, download images
  • Multi-tasking support with snapped UI
  • Your reddit credentials and redd posts sync across all your trusted Windows devices
  • Sort posts and comments by top, hot, new, etc

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16 March 2015

It's functional, has no ads, and is free! Much better than many of the other apps and on par with the best ones that cost money. Fantastic work! Maybe add a way to change the theme and delete what subreddits you already have if you need to add anything. Thank you so much!