Base Attack Turret Combat

Base Attack: Turret Combat brings you an exhilarating action-packed shooting game in which you inside an armored vehicle and your mission are to fire down the enemies in their military boot camp. This is an FPS (First Person Shooting) game in which the Commando is equipped with the latest turret machine gun fitted on armored vehicle. You will enter the army boot camp and start your assault. Don't expect to take over the army base without facing resistance. They will fight back with their machine guns, snipers and gunship helicopters. Using your turret fire from your vehicle as it moves, combat with your enemies and destroy their helicopters and marines on the battlefront. This is war and this is your battle alone, annihilate the army on the battlefront and bring glory to your country. Base Attack: Turret Combat offers the player the most advanced shooting gun in the world to kill the marines on the battlefront. With rapid fire effects, this gun is the thing you need, to trigger down your enemies. This battle will decide the outcome of the war against the furious commando marines. Attack the marines and helicopters of your opponents in the war on the battlefront. Base Attack: Turret Combat gives you the mesmerizing game play full of action and adventure. As the game starts you are in army vehicle in military boot camp. The furious marines will try to shoot you as you enter the military boot camp. If u fails to respond on time, this may be the last drive of your life. Get in the boots of a frontline commando and be the hero of the nation in the war. How to Play: - Touch & drag on right the screen aim your shooting weapon - Tap on the on left weapon to shoot and start your assault - The shooting weapon has unlimited ammunition but time to respond is crucial


  • Mesmerizing 3D army base environment
  • Realistic military boot camp with jets, helicopters, and enemy soldiers
  • Multiple enemy characters ranging from marines, snipers to helicopters
  • Well-built storyline
  • Multiple missions with increasing difficulty
  • Enemy characters with unique attack, defence characteristics and AI-
  • Efficient weapon controls & movement

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23 July 2015

this is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!