Base Turret Attack

Base Turret Attack brings you an exhilarating action-packed game in which you inside an armoured vehicle and your mission is to fire down the enemies in their base camp. You are equipped with the latest turret machine gun fitted on armoured vehicle. Get ready champ because this game is action-packed. You will enter the enemy base and start your assault. Don't expect to take over the enemy base without facing resistance. They will fight back with their machine guns, snipers and gunship helicopters. Using your turret fire from your vehicle as it moves and destroys their base. This is war and this is your battle alone, annihilate the enemies on the battlefront and bring glory to your country. Base Turret Attack offers the player the most advanced shooting gun in the world. With rapid fire effects, this gun is the thing you need to bring down your enemies. This battle will decide the outcome of the war and the army has been tasked with this duty, win the battle and you'll be celebrated forever in your country as the sharp machine gun shooter whom won them their freedom and blew up the enemy base camp. How to Play: - Tap the left side of the screen to fire - Use the right side of the screen to aim


  • Realistic FPS (First Person Shooting) controller
  • Unique scene with ground combat from an armoured vehicle
  • Fantastic views and robust animations from armoured vehicle
  • Complete base scene with amazing 3D graphics
  • Realistic models of various enemies, snipers and gunship helicopters
  • Engaging sound effects
  • Addictive sound track
  • User friendly GUI and controls