Basket Ball!

Presenting to you one of the Best selling Casual games of 2014 Basketball Ball in the basket now on Windows Store! Basket ball! is a challenging Physics based Puzzler which will keep you hooked for hours, till you'll be able to sort out how to finish the awesomely designed Levels. Finish the Levels by putting the colored balls in the the same colored Basket. Getting progressively difficult and challenging, you will have to basket different colored balls in the same level. A fun challenging physics based puzzler, this game will keep you occupied for a long time to come. Replay the levels and score better to be the best in the game.


  • 25 Awesome Levels, More to come
  • Free
  • Supports both mouse based play and touch based play

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16 March 2015

easy control ..very nice.


10 March 2015

One of the best game ever played...


6 March 2015

Nice basket ball game..


14 February 2015

Makes kids activate


3 February 2015

This game can use some music it's too quiet when playing, also add some other places it gets tiring playing in the same environment. You can add an in game store which we can use the stars we earn for power up or abilities.