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Beautiful Pictures

Everyday this app automatically download beautiful background pictures from Bing homepage to your machine. And you can set them as the background of your lock screen. This app will check Bing homepages from more than 40 countries. So everyday, you can get several very beautiful pictures! This version includes 30 pre-downloaded pictures! Newly downloaded pictures will be sent to the live tile of this apps! You can Browse downloaded pictures, and set one of them as the background of your lock screen!


  • Automatically download Bing background pictures from more than 40 countries
  • 30 pre-downloaded pictures included.
  • Set one picture as the background of lock screen.
  • Send newly downloaded pictures to Tile.

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16 May 2015

I love the Bing pictures and this allows me to grab the ones I like. It also provides access to pictures that are available in other countries which I would not otherwise see.


20 April 2015

It works


17 April 2015

I am not buy this but I say you can buy this app now it so good I am only try it and it work so faster in 60 second download across whole bing picture so many picture in one day try it now after buy this


15 November 2014

I always look forward to each day's new pictures. They are beautiful and I often add them to my jigsaw app to work them as puzzles. They also make great slide shows on my screen saver. I would like it if they were identified, and in my language. I can clumsily work it out if it is French, Spanish, Italian, etch. using my high school Latin, but Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Eastern languages don't really help me work it out.


7 November 2014

I like the pictures on it


4 October 2014

I have enjoyed this APP a great deal and visit it often. Thank you!


8 July 2014

I love to see beautiful places, great photography, and I see something new everyday. I look forward to seeing what I will see each day. My only complaint, is that sometimes I don't get a new pic.


16 March 2014

It's kind of a vicarious surrogate for viewing some of the best scenery world-wide without actually traveling. Also, it doesn't flood my hard drive with junk. Nicely done.


9 March 2014

Great little program for a buck fifty....


6 November 2013

Awesome!!!! Love it.

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