Bitdefender Insight

Bitdefender Insight delivers a wide variety of security news so you can stay up to date about the latest threats, innovations in technology and new products. Also, if you have installed one of our desktop antivirus solutions, this app lets you see the current security status of your PC and allows you to run tasks, such as scan, update or fix important issues detected on your computer, right from the dashboard.


  • Informs you about security threats and new products
  • Displays your computer's security status
  • Allows you to manage your Bitdefender security products remotely (fix security issues, send scanning and update tasks)

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27 October 2014

The app is free but unless you have already paid them 84 dollars for the software then the app is useless.


26 July 2014

Can't c settings


5 November 2013

In year 2013/14 this security app ranked top 1 # 1 in the world I am very glad to tell us that I am using this software about 2/3 years ago This is best of all but give me some more features Thank you! Bitdefender


29 June 2013

Same as any other security app has no features which can be really useful to access from Windows 8 Start. For example network attacks history graph ,and so on might be interesting to see.. Yes some info available ,but you can get same picture from real UI on desktop .New best to read from browser. However Bitdefender app better than others so 3 stars fair score :)


16 April 2013

If I shut down or hibernate my computer for the night, the next day the app won't even open. The only way to get it working again is to reinstall the app.


4 April 2013

For a proper support, please contact us using the following link: Thank You!


25 March 2013

In my pc this app doesn't work. It runs but after a few seconds closes. Does anyone know what should I do?


7 January 2013

Fast. Agile. User friendly. A very powerful tool for remote management (for Bitdefender Desktop products), that also delivers the latest news in security.


26 December 2012

Gaining insight through up to date current news provided by Bitdefender will keep you well informed, but this is not the apps only function. This app has the ability to allow its users to remotely check up on any of your systems that are currently running software from Bitdefender . The usefulness of insightful software security news along with the powerful tools that enable each user to quickly scan, fully scan or update their system is quite innovative.


3 December 2012

What I find most interesting about it is the fact that it actually allows you to manage your linked devices, and not only view their status. It successfully managed to detect both my devices, one with AV 2013, one with the full security suite 2013. I'm very pleased with it, and I hope it reaches new heights.

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