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Don’t just read books. Experience them. Blio is a free eReading application that offers an unparalleled reading experience. Books are more than just words: there’s style, presentation, and a world of color, eBooks should be no different. The presentation enhances your reading experience, it's part of what you love about books, so books in Blio have the same layout, fonts, and full-color images that you enjoy in the print version of your favorite titles. Blio also has a built in store featuring everything from Free Classics to today's Bestsellers. Finally there’s an eBook reader that brings not only novels to life, but cookbooks, travel guides, how-to manuals, textbooks, and children’s books to life in vibrant color. In Blio a textbook becomes a classroom… a cookbook becomes a kitchen… and a fairytale, a place where dreams really do come true. Try a whole new eBook experience with Blio, where books are more than words.


  • Blio features a vast bookstore, including the best Children's books, popular new releases and New York Times Best Sellers
  • Displays books in full color, with fonts, pictures, and layout as the publisher intended.
  • Sync up to five devices so your books can go wherever you go.
  • Access all of your content, and download it to your device from anywhere you have an internet connection.

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19 October 2014



13 August 2014

Why can't Google books simply make a windows app?


12 May 2014

Occasionally hangs on loading a book that requires a force close and restart of app, but otherwise good. Importing books was a pain to figure out that you have to manually copy them into the %appdata%\Local\Packages\K-NFBReadingTechnologiesI.BlioeReader_vwcaa66y1ah8t\LocalState\Blio Had to spend some hunting and finding to locate it, but once done the books were in my local bookshelf. Could make it much easier to import by either adding the Blio back to documents like the desktop application or give the import option like in the mobile app. Otherwise it's got a great look and functionality to it.


30 January 2014



18 January 2014

I like the look of the page, but it hesitates to turn pages because of having to use the arrows to turn it as opposed to swiping. I also which the book sync'd between devices.


5 January 2014

Cannot zoom by pinch and stretch. Should provide this feature and/or font size settings.


8 June 2013

I am really disappointed in this app. What good is it if a person can't import their own books?


7 February 2013

The app for windows 8 on my Envy X2 is a pain in the rear to use! There are so many bugs! You should try running the app and look at all those problems. Every time I change the view, the information disappears, it is slow to move from page to page, and the menus do not show up until I tap or slide like 3 times.


5 February 2013

This app looks much nicer than the desktop version, but the reader itself lacks some functions. No zooming or highlighting for fixed view books. The store is much nicer to look at. Easier to navigate than the desktop version of the store.


8 January 2013

Still searching for my free windows 8 for dummies. Guess I am a dummy because this app won't open my library to retrieve it.

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