Blio recommended by Lenovo

On Blio, recommended by Lenovo, don’t just read books, experience them. Blio is a free eReading application that offers an unparalleled reading experience. Books are more than just words: there’s style, presentation, and a world of color, eBooks should be no different. The presentation enhances your reading experience, it's part of what you love about books, so books in Blio have the same layout, fonts, and full-color images that you enjoy in the print version of your favorite titles. Blio also has a built in store featuring everything from Classics to today's Bestsellers. Finally there’s an eBook reader that brings not only novels to life, but cookbooks, travel guides, how-to manuals, textbooks, and children’s books to life in vibrant color. In Blio a textbook becomes a classroom… a cookbook becomes a kitchen… and a fairytale, a place where dreams really do come true. Try a whole new eBook experience with Blio, where books are more than words.


  • Blio features a vast in-application bookstore including the best Children's books, Popular New Releases, and New York Times Bestsellers
  • Displays books in full color, with fonts, pictures, and layout as the publisher intended.
  • Sync up to five devices so your books can go wherever you go.
  • Access all of your content, and download it to your device from anywhere you have an internet connection.

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5 April 2015

Needs an e-reader option