Blocks of Pyramid Breaker

Enjoy classic gameplay of brick breaking game in a Egyptian theme! Enjoy classic gameplay of Brick Breaker (aka Arkanoid, aka Breakout) in a brand new theme! This This great game will take you to a wonderful Egyptian adventure. Smooth casual gameplay, many different bonuses, 64 action packed levels will provide you a lot of fun! How to play: Touch screen or use keyboard to control paddle. Use paddle to bounce a ball and don't let it escape behind paddle. Use ball to destroy all blocks. There are different types of blocks in game: - blocks that needs two or three hits to be destroyed - special ankh block which drops bonuses, block with hieroglyph can also drop bonus - many blocks contain hidden crystals, gems and jewels, crush them with paddle to get more points


  • Egyptian theme, cool twist on the classic Arkanoid game
  • If you like bustin' blocks, and appreciate a well done game, check it out

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25 February 2014

Good. Game


17 January 2014

good game


11 July 2013

Seemed a bit daunting at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. Lots of fun and gorgeous graphics.


1 June 2013

This is a marvelous game. The music is relaxing while the game itself is anything but. You can pay attention playing while you relax with the music at the same time. A wonderful combo!


10 May 2013

Downloaded the trial version to my Toshiba u-series touch ultrabook and it always crashed upon launch. Useless.


28 September 2012

The theme, graphics, and music are pretty cool. The powerups are fun and add variation. The mouse control didn't feel as tight as I would like. I haven't tried touch controls. And my only other complaint is it seems designed for portrait mode, so if you are using a widescreen display there will be a lot of dead space on your screen.


27 September 2012

Fun classic game