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  • Category: Books & Reference / E-reader
  • Published by: Alex Drel ?
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  • Language: English (United States)
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    Ads free version. Smart scrolling and scrolling cues. Faster book loading, immediate jump to a bookmark. Text and book info can be selected and copied to a clipboard. Compatibility and bug fixes.


Enjoy your eBooks with comfort of beautiful multi-column interface. DRM protected EPUBs (like iTunes or Kindle) are not supported, sorry.


  • Support of DRM-free EPUB and plain text books
  • Multi-column modern intereface
  • Day/In Door/Night Themes with selection of Fonts
  • Landscape and Portrait orientation
  • Table of content for epub and plain text
  • Pin favorite books to Start
  • See your progress on live tile

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19 December 2015

The previews are a lie because the developer sold out. What you will actually see would be a colorful ad banner at the very bottom of each page displaying the latest online spam. The software itself is okay, but anyone who thinks it's fine to force book readers to view a steady stream of ads clearly does not care about his target demographic. There's not even a paid option to remove the ads. The one thing I dislike more than being forced to read what I don't want to read is being lied to. Uninstalled forever.


4 May 2015

But it's not as good or up-to-date as Google Play's books app. I'm still figuring how to operate this app, it is like they wish to make it confusing as possible. I do not think there is a button to fix the font. I wish there was I can't not read without my glasses because of the tiny font. On the bottom of the app when it is open (and you are reading) there is ads. Not as bad of a nuisance but distracting none the less. I also come to find there is no way to bookmark.


9 February 2015

mouse wheel scroll to a fraction of a column. then after a delay the app scroll to the nearest column. this makes scrolling slow. the mouse wheel should quickly scroll a whole page or column


21 January 2015

Have some e-books and tried this program. Selected e-book, started loading very slowly, watched scroll bar shrink as it loads, and then it crashes. Back to the splash screen. In a word - useless. Doesn't anyone do quality control anymore? The first epub I load causes a crash?


10 December 2014

Works great :-)


25 November 2014

Get android with fb reader and learn how to Wright an app


2 November 2014

I came from the android device, which by the way had the perfect epub reader called moon+ reader. Since my switch, I've found nothing that would translate the epub literature correctly except for this application. While it doesn't allow notes or highlighting, it doesn't leave out paragraphs, overlap lines, and send me to incorrect links. I have played with the other apps settings and still couldn't get it to the point where it was usable. Good job developer on making something that works for me!


20 September 2014

Cant bookmark, highlight, or view files in a library, but if your files are all grouped together who cares? You CAN see your recent files, adjust views like font and themes. Very simple viewer that lets you just view without tons of stuff getting in the way. But if you want to study something in depth then there isn't any in app support. Personally I like not having so much built in because I can open other windows for that side by side easier. TY so much, will buy for $2 to remove adds and support developer


11 May 2014

Gets faster and faster:))),Keep it up guys!!!


19 March 2014

Awesome for epub books

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