AUGMENTED REALITY GAME Bugylon is an Augmented Reality game from the creators of the wildly successful health and fitness app: BallStrike. Bugylon will make you smile as you are transported into the world of exciting flies, mosquitoes, spiders and carnival plants. You will have amazing fun as you use your entire body to fend of these hungry creatures. Warm up, before you attempt to punch, kick and twist your body through this engaging game of survival and you might find yourself shedding some calories. You can share your crazy pictures through Facebook, Email and other social sites.


  • Augmented Reality Experience
  • Detects Motion via built-in Camera or attached Webcam
  • Calculates Burned Calories
  • 3 free levels of pure fun and excitement
  • Share the best photos

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13 December 2015

like the concept BUT NEEDs improvement. I couldn't get past level 1 unlike ball strike. I kept swatting/hitting etc the bugs and still wouldn't die. even w adequate lighting, enough space etc, VS ball strike which gets me somewhere. would have enjoyed this if not for it...


26 February 2015

Really fun and Works well.


1 January 2015

paid for full version. App says three free levels only get one and even though paid all levels still locked except level one.


22 May 2014

it is fun but it would of been better


13 May 2014

Gave this a second chance. When I first tried this I did not like it. Three free levels supposedly but it just did not seem that way and I was constantly losing on the first level. I love the BallStrike app by this company but needed something to change up my workout routine a bit and decided to give this a second chance. I opted for the full version. The paid version is much better than the free and is worth the fee. I would like to see more apps use the webcam but there are too few.


22 April 2014

My kids love this and it helps them get some wiggles out. The wasps are a little annoying, but they don't seem to mind. Wish there were more webcam based games.


7 February 2014

i really wanted this to work, because my nephew would LOVE this game... unfortunately, every time it got to the point where it began to set up the webcam it froze and shut down. don't bother with this game


31 January 2014

What the point if this app will crash every time I start level 1 on my Surface RT


9 January 2014

rhats good


15 December 2013


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