This app shows the latest headlines from BuzzFeed. Note: this is an unofficial app.

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21 January 2015



28 December 2014

This sucks the app looks nothing like the buzzfeed app you're used to on your phones. It doesn't have any categories for the only 10 articles it displays. Very limited not worth it.


9 April 2014

After recent update, so limited, not new news, and boring. Sorry....but it was better before the update.


18 January 2014

Just leads you too a link of the article


3 January 2014

You can do better buzzfeed


2 January 2014

The app does have articles in it, but only 30. And they're not categorized, there's just a simple list of them. When you open the app, its just a white screen with 30 some tiles, each an article. No options whatsoever. It looks like whoever wrote the app tried their best to make it as terrible as possible.


15 September 2013

While there are some interesting articles that show on the original page, it doesn't really function as an app. There are maybe a good 20 articles that show up. It seems to be more of a shortcut to some articles and you really can't explore the Buzzfeed site. I would way more rather open up my browser than open this "app"


23 May 2013

The app doesn't do much. Populates a few articles and that's it. Cant dive into categories or anything. Clicking on a story takes you to a description page and a link to open the story in a browser. Not sure I understand the point


24 February 2013

I really enjoy waking up and having a laugh at buzzfeeds posts instead of reading the unhappy news of the world. Thanks for making my mornings great