C-Gpa Calculator

C-GPA is a cumulative grade point average calculator that gives you following : 1 -Calculate your CGPA upto ***20 subjects*** 2 -You can also use previous calculated cgpa and on base of it calculate new cgpa for example if you know cgpa for 20 subjects and you have 2 new subject to add gpa into that 20 sujbect's gpa , you can do it using this application. 3- Snapped , flipped views are handled . Use this app and Please give you feedback how we can improve it for you. Thanks


  • Gpa calculator, calculate upto 20 cources cgpa
  • Based on previous cgpa calculate new one.

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10 January 2014

its really good for students specially


9 January 2014

Good tool for students specially whom are very concerned about the CGPA at the end of semester.