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    Now with the power of Cortana! Use voice commands to perform your calculations! Full Windows 10 universal support! Works on your desktop, tablet and mobile phone. - Dynamic window sizing within any screen. - New chemistry and astronomy constant diagrams! - Added new translations for constants and currencies. - Icon and skin design changes. - Navigation menu redesign. - Fixes and performance improvements.

Calculator - Calc Pro HD

Calc Pro HD is the trusted choice by students and professionals around the world. The only calculator on the Windows Store that can truly replace your pocket calculator. Calc Pro HD offers more power, more features, and more accuracy than any other mobile calculator. With ten (10) powerful calculators, ten (10) financial and eight (8) statistical worksheets, Calc Pro HD truly has a calculator for every occasion. Whether you are checking the latest currency rates or converting simple cooking measurements, Calc Pro makes it easy to solve even the toughest calculations. Use the power of Cortana to perform your calculations. 10 powerful calculators: Standard Calculator Scientific Calculator (includes RPN mode and access to constants) Base Conversions - Convert between 8 different number bases. Graphing Calculator (8 equations) Unit Converter (over 3000 conversions in 19 categories) World Currencies Converter (150+ currencies updated daily) Constants (Over 1500 constants in 4 categories) Financial Calculator (with 10 worksheets) Statistics Calculator with 8 types of regression analysis and graphing Date & Time Calculator (with lunar moon phases) The Financial Calculator contains 10 powerful calculator worksheets to help solve common financial problems. Mortgage Calculator (with Amortization Tables) Tip Calculator Loan Calculator Time Value Money worksheet Financial Date worksheet Percentage Change worksheet Break Even worksheet Profit Margin worksheet Depreciation worksheet Compound Interest worksheet


  • Full Windows 10 universal support. Works on your desktop, tablet or Windows mobile device.
  • Five display options: normal, scientific, fractions, engineering, and fixed (2-10 decimal places)
  • Five calculator modes: simple, algebraic, direct algebraic, expression, and RPN
  • Use the power of Cortana to perform simple equations.
  • Advanced graphing functions: simultaneous graphs, find points on the graph and show tangents
  • Tape View displays your recent equations and allows you to copy or email them

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26 February 2016

Includes many different calculators. Emulates HP 12C and 48, including RPN. In Win 8 & 10, use the Setting charm in the right fly-out to set RPN and other items. When running an app, this settings charm adapts for the app and is not the same as the settings charm from the Start Screen.


18 February 2015

I transferred this to a new pc. Options screen does not appear so no way to change it to RPN mode. No help screen


22 December 2014

It has nine step, but my download is freezed and work only in the #6.


9 March 2014

Does not have any help for people that want to learn and do not have much experience with high end calculators. Should be help guide with basics of math , fractions, polynomial and examples how to use in calculator. The conversions pretty easy to understand. Wanted to help kids with graphing and pre algebra but no help on what different functions are for.


28 February 2014

absolutely great in rpn mode


25 May 2013

I bought the full version by unlocking all of the modules, big mistake. the calculator is disabled since the last version was released. cannot save, import or export data or graphs. underdeveloped interface, non-responsive customer service. Big waste of money and time. Don't bother.


31 March 2013



1 March 2013

This is an incredibly full featured calculator. The conversion features, graphing, and regression features are very neat. Would be nice to see the binary values in the base conversions calculator at all times (just like in the default windows calc). Also needs to conform better to Metro design standards i.e. remove the icons on the side and place them at the bottom and be visible when you swipe on bottom edge. Also place email option in share charm. Glad to see you have snapping working well


27 February 2013

Great Start to a useful application. Only thing that needs improvement is making the UI conform to Windows 8 Metro style. No need to clutter the screen with settings icons, etc since we can swipe from the left for the charms bar or right click for bottom/top menus. Great deal for the money though.