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    V2 Live Tile Improvements: 1) Live Tiles for each Feature if you choose. 2) Live Tile for each ToDo List if you choose. 3) Live Tiles for individual Sticky Notes and Notepad Notes if you like. V2 General Improvements: 1) Agenda View in Calendar and ability to Share. 2) New Alarm sounds for in-App use. Ability to preview. 3) Can show Alarms for Events and Reminders in Alarm Clock now. 4) Spell Check for Notepad and Sticky Notes (can be turned off). 5) Add more ToDo Lists (to the existing 5 ones). ******* V1.1: Changed App Display Name. New Name: Calendar, Clock, Notepad, Sticky Notes, ToDo List - Productivity Helper

Calendar, Clock, Notepad, Sticky Notes, ToDo List - Productivity Helper

Search for 'Productivity Helper Free'. Starting Mar 9th, there is a FREE Version of this App available. (Free version has fewer Backgrounds and White Noise sounds). Launch Sale! 70% Off! Get it Now! 'Calendar, Clock, Notepad, Sticky Notes, ToDo List - Productivity Helper' brings you 5 beautiful, easy to use, productivity enhancing features for one great price. ******* Important! Please Note: There is no external Calendar integration. If you would like this or any other new features added, please email us (booksummit@ymail.com) instead of writing a bad review - we'd appreciate an email. Please Note: Please read the App Description and please take advantage of the Free 7-Day Trial to make sure this App is what you're looking for and meets your needs. ******* 5 Great Productivity Enhancing Features in 1 Beautiful App The 5 productivity features (Calendar, Alarm Clock, Notepad, Sticky Notes, ToDo List) are all carefully and lovingly made - ensuring the most productive and efficient use of your time. Please read the sections below to get a better idea of what each feature provides and what each feature doesn't provide. Each feature supports Filled Mode and Snapped Mode. ******* Calendar Calendar is easy to use and feature-rich. You get - Day View, Week View, Month View. Support for Filled and Snapped Modes. Agenda View. You get - Events & Tasks & Reminders, Recurring Events, Alarms for Events and Reminders. Please Note: There is no external calendar integration. This will perhaps be added in V3 (but please don't assume this is guaranteed). It's a giant thing to add, so please don't leave a bad review if you'd like it. Just let us know. If enough people ask for it, we might add it. ******* Alarm Clock Alarm Clock is intuitive, feature-rich, and beautiful. You get - 9 separate clock designs, including Flip Clock and Digital Clock. The Flip Clock is really beautiful - do take a look. You get - Visual Alarm, Musical Alarms (choose your own song), Snooze (choose snooze duration). You get - Repeating Alarms where you can choose daily, weekly, monthly. You can also choose 'Every X days/weeks/months' and you can specify days of the week for weekly alarms. Please Note: Alarm volume is dictated by your PC/Tablet sound setting. For the loudest alarm please make sure that both PC/Tablet Volume and App Volume settings are at 100%. Please Note: There is no system capability to turn on your device and ring an alarm. It's impossible. So Alarms going off when you have switched off your PC - that's just not supported. Please Note: Alarms can go off in Sleep Mode only on Tablets. For desktops and laptops you'll have to leave the app on the Nightstand Clock screen. That will prevent the screen from going to sleep, and thus ensure your alarm goes off. ******* Notepad Notepad is an easy to use and quick note-taking feature. You get - Quick & Easy Note-taking with support for Colors (40 text colors) and Styling (Bold, Italic, Underline, strikethrough). You get - Export to Text, Import from Text, Sort by Newest or Oldest, ability to Email Notes. Spell Check (can be turned off in Notepad Settings). You get - Set a Note as a Live Tile. Please Note: Live Tile color will match Note Background Color. On devices other than high resolution Tablets (such as Surface Pro) you get the option to change the font size. Please Note: Notepad is NOT a word processor. It's just a quick note-taking feature. It doesn't support Word Processor type functionality and it doesn't support handwriting or scribbling. Spell Check has been added in V2. Please Note: Live Tile support has been added in V2. ******* Sticky Notes Sticky Notes is a fun, beautiful, sticky notes feature you'll love. You get - Sticky Notes you can move around and resize, 10 note colors, 40 font colors, font styling (bold, italic, underlined, strikethrough). You get - Spell Check (can be turned off), Live Tiles. You get (except on high resolution Tablets like Surface Pro) - option to resize the font size and option to choose the default sticky note size. You get - Export to Text, Email all sticky notes, Email a sticky Note, Clone a Sticky Note. Please Note: Live Tile Support for Sticky Notes is added in V2. ******* ToDo List ToDo List is an easy to use and feature-rich ToDo List solution. You get 5 ToDo Lists. You can add more. You get a 'Today's Tasks' list which syncs with the Calendar feature. You get - ability to reorder the ToDo lists, ability to move ToDos between lists, option to hide completed tasks, option to sort by name. Please Note: Anything you add as a Task for today's date in the Calendar will automatically get added to the 'Today's Tasks' ToDo List, and vica versa. ******* Valuable 'Enhancer' Features that enhances the 5 Great Productivity Features There are three valuable 'enhancer' features that make the 5 productivity features even better. ******* Enhancer - Backups and Auto-Backups. You can do a backup of all your data. There is a weekly auto-backup. However, we strongly recommend - a) Doing a backup yourself every two weeks. b) Emailing yourself this backup every two weeks for safekeeping. That will ensure it's in your email account and available for emergencies. You can also export all your Notes and your Sticky Notes as text. Please take advantage of this to create an additional backup of your notes. ******* Enhancer - Live Tile Support The App's Live tile can show one or more of the following - a) Today's Upcoming Events. b) Today's Tasks. c) Your ToDo List. d) Today's Alarm Clock Alarms. e) The Time & Date. If you select more than one, it circles through them one by one. Please Note: Only 3 to 4 items from each category will fit in the live tile. Please Note: In V2 we've added Live Tile per Feature. ******* Enhancer - Settings & Customization You can customize the App according to your preferences. In V2 you can - a) Choose one of the 40+ Solid Color Backgrounds or 10+ Image Backgrounds or add your own image as a background. b) Choose the transparency of the panels. c) Choose the font color. d) Choose between a simple buttons theme or an image buttons theme. Please Note: The two themes look quite similar. Also, for RT Tablets it's recommended to stick with the simple theme. e) Choose between Images or Gold Buttons for the Main Page. Please Note: For RT Tablets it's recommended to use Gold Buttons. ******* A Few Important Things 1) If you like the App, Please Review It! Actual user reviews lead to good sales, and those allow us to add more enhancements and improvements. 2) If there is a feature you would like added, please email us. Leaving a bad review for a feature that is not in the app makes things very difficult for us. We'd appreciate it if you would kindly give us a chance first - to see if we can add that feature in a future update. 3) This is V2 of the App. While we've tested it over the course of the last 5.5 months there might be bugs and errors that escaped us. Please be patient. Let us know and we'll fix the items we can - There's an Email Us button on the Help page, or you can email us at booksummit@ymail.com. 4) If your device is not one of the devices listed in the 'Tested Devices' list below, then please first try the Free 7-Day Trial. 5) There is now an option to add a live tile for each Sticky Note or for each Notepad Note. This is added in V2. 6) You can now add one live tile per feature - reminders, alarms, tasks, todo list, etc. It circles through all the data. Please Note: In V2 we added the option to have multiple live tiles. 7) High Resolution Tablets don't support changing font size in Sticky Notes and Notepad. Note: Sticky Notes and Notepad are the only features that allow changing font size in general. 8) On Windows RT Tablets, for best performance, please ensure there is no other App that is taking up 60% or more of the Memory and CPU. Also, please use a Solid Color background. ******* Trial versus Paid 1) There is a Free 7-Day Trial. We would strongly recommend trying the Trial - Please try the Trial first. 2) The Trial has only 10 image backgrounds to choose from. The Paid version has 20+ backgrounds, including every background you see in the screenshots. ******* What Devices This App is For, What Devices it's Tested On The App Supports - 1) ARM Devices 2) x86 Devices 3) x64 Devices It's been specifically tested on - 1) Various x64 Desktop PCs including 23.6" PCs and smaller PCs. 2) Various x64 Laptop PCs. 3) A x86 Laptop. 4) A Surface Pro. 5) A Surface RT. Please Note: If your device is not on the list, especially if it's a high resolution Tablet, PLEASE get the Free 7-Day Trial. To ensure the App works fine on your device. ******* Contact Us & Privacy Policy 1) Please email us suggestions at booksummit@ymail.com. 2) Leave comments - http://kappreview.com/app-privacy-policy/help-for-productivity-helper-clock-calendar-notepad-todo-list/ 3) Privacy Policy - http://kappreview.com/app-privacy-policy/app-privacy-policy-for-productivity-helper-clock-calendar-notepad-todo-list/ 4) More App Screenshots - http://www.productivityhelper.com/. ******* In Closing Thank you very much for taking a look at 'Calendar, Clock, Notepad, Sticky Notes, ToDo List - Productivity Helper'. Please do give it a try. We spent 6.5+ months handcrafting each part of the App. We're confident you'll love the app and find that it enhances your productivity and efficiency. If you like the App, Please Review It. We'd really appreciate it. If you don't like the App or feel it needs improvements before you will like it, please email us at booksummit@ymail.com. For a Limited Time, you can take advantage of the 70% Off Launch Sale. If you like what you see, Get the App Now!


  • 5 Great Productivity Features in 1 App
  • Calendar with Month View, Week View, Day View
  • Recurring Events with option to set Alarms
  • Alarm Clock with Flip Clock, Digital Clock, and 7 more Clock Designs
  • Repeating Alarms with option for Visual and Animated Alarms
  • Quick and Easy to Use Notepad with 40 Font Colors and 4 Styles
  • Notepad lets you export to text and lets you import text files and lets you email out notes
  • Sticky Notes you can resize and move around and set as Live Tiles
  • Email Sticky Notes or Clone them or export them as Text Files
  • To Do List with 5 lists - move ToDos between lists, or within a list
  • Backups and Autobackups to protect your data
  • Live Tile support - see your alarms, events, tasks, todos circle through the App's live tiles
  • Customization - choose app background, app font color, panel transparency
  • Supports ARM, x64, x86
  • Tested on x64 and x86 PCs, Surface Pro, Surface RT
  • Beautiful Flip Clock
  • Support for Snapped Mode and Filled Mode in all 5 features
  • Detailed Help that covers each feature
  • Great Support - email us (help page has Email Us button) or leave a comment at our website
  • Carefully handcrafted over 5.5+ months and well tested over 4.5 months

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16 March 2016

I've just started using the program and I love the to do list and being able to move your tasks around or customize lists. I also am using the alarm to assign/block time for different tasks so I don't get absorbed by any one task and I can move to other projects or task that need to be moved forward. The only suggestion I have is for a print function so I could print a list of completed and/or incomplete tasks. This app is on my laptop and I don't always have the laptop and for summarizing my work, it would be nice to have a printed list for my records.


5 April 2015

I really like the concept of this app and the clock/alarm feature was awesome for traveling. Also, we live in a noisy neighborhood so the white noise is great for those noisy nights. Still trying to make the calendar work to suit my needs, but eventually I will get it up and running the way I want.


14 February 2015

This app provides all the tools I need for work. I still have not used some of the features, because I have not needed them. I minimize it to the tray and call it up when I need it I have tried many Windows 8 apps, but this is the only one I use consistently.


10 February 2015

The task should have a reminder alarm added. For those with lots of tasks it is a headache to create a task and then to create a separate reminder. If you delete a task one just might forget to delete a reminder. The events have a reminder alarm why not the tasks. Right now the app look promising.


16 November 2014

Love this app. Has just about everything I need on it. If it had an address book attached with it, then it would be SUPER


8 October 2014

I use it every day. Helps keep me organized. Love it!


11 September 2014

I purchased a lesser version of this App for my Nook ....I use it for daily for everything. This app for my new computer is so much better I had to buy at least 3 other apps for my Nook to get all that is offered with this one... Well worth the money......


5 September 2014

the app is easy to use and great features. I would like to see one more feature added in the repeat settings. That would be every other week or every two weeks.


18 August 2014

Good app would like a search function and the ability to print


31 July 2014

I had just a basic calendar and it was Very limited. This one gives me much more to work with and it is easy to figure out.

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