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    Added support for D-Link DCS-930L, DCS-932L, DCS-942L, and DCS-5020L. Auto-reconnect now allows specifying the number of attempts to make to reconnect after connection loss. If you are having any trouble connecting to your camera or have questions or feature suggestions, send email to support@camerakaze.com.


CameraKaze is an application for viewing and controlling your IP network cameras. Use CameraKaze to watch over what matters to you most - your home, your business, your loved ones. CameraKaze allows viewing, control, and administration of your cameras and recorded videos and pictures.


  • Easy setup including local network scanner to locate your cameras
  • No limit on the number of cameras (only limited by your computer's capabilities)
  • View multiple live cameras on a single screen
  • Slide show viewing mode for flipping between cameras at a specified interval
  • Control camera frame rate, brightness, infrared setting, and pan and tilt (select camera models only)
  • Record videos to .AVI file
  • Save pictures to .JPG file, including time stamp in EXIF header
  • Audio level meter (select camera models only)
  • Motion detection that can trigger audio alarm, video recording, and/or taking a picture
  • Camera administration allows managing your camera's network and user access settings (no need to use other software)
  • Network profiles allow you to specify whether to use local or remote network addresses
  • Manual refresh option available for use on metered networks to limit network costs
  • Camera mode control (50hz/60hz/Outdoor)
  • Presets allow easy navigation to saved pan and tilt settings

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26 October 2015

My other camera work... but can't get a feed to work for a Foscam F19816P camera. Hope to see support soon.


9 August 2015

Thanks for this.. using a foscam camera as a baby monitor and this is great!


19 May 2015

This was a great app while it worked. I paid for it, and 2 weeks later "This App Won't Open. Go to the Windows Store for more information. All you get is support@camerakaze.com which I have emailed to no avail. So I guess it was a waste of 5 bucks. Sad because the video and audio quality from my Dlink DCS-5020L was great. And the one-click camera repo was also great.


8 March 2015

I have 4 IP cameras Setting up the cameras with this app was simple. I use dyndns.org to access all my IP cams. I have 3 Foscams and a generic camera. All work perfect with this app on my Surface Pro, HP Stream 7 and my Laptops. I can recommend this IP Camera app without reservations. Well worth the price. I use Surveillance Pro on my iPhone. I put this on par with that app.


1 March 2015

there are so many problems with the Windows 8 app I am going to delete it, and I won't be purchasing it. the two big ones are: motion detection really doesn't work since motion detection doesn't work, I have to simply record. but record shuts off after 30 seconds, making the app basically useless I like the UI, but the app is pointless.


27 December 2014

Could not get it to work with my Axis cameras


23 December 2014

Every time I click on a single camera, it brings up that camera and there is no way to "back up" to return to multiple camera view. Also, I have 8n cameras, and it shows them all in one line. Every time I try to move a camera under the others, it just swaps the 2 and I still have a line. For 5 bucks, I'd expect a lot more.


6 December 2014

Installed this and tried it. Wrote a 1 star review because it did not work. Tried a second time and it is amazing how well it works if you provide the correct information. Took me about thirty seconds of "playing around" before I bought the full version. I am using a pc with Windows 8.1 and a Foscam F18910W camera.


24 August 2014

UPDATE: Not sure what has happened in the last few months, but now the app has serious delays, takes forever to load four cameras, and slow picture frames. Does the job, just needs the speaker option to talk out of Foscam speakers.


3 August 2014

Works as advertised. Easy to setup with good camera controls.

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