CAS is loaded with many user friendly features, including digital zoom, camera timer, continuous mode, composition line, along with a multitude of filter and frame effects. With CAS, you can select focus and exposure points simply by touch (camera system required). If you need help with composition, CAS shows you how to get the best subject placement. You can also apply filter or frame effects to your photos, making them look great. With all these features, it would be all too easy to make beautiful pictures and share them with friends on internet. After you use trial version 30 days, CAS will popup message at startup to inform you purchase.


  • Select focus and exposure points by touch. *Camera system required to support the function.
  • Camera timer, continuous mode & composition line.
  • A multitude of filter effects and frame effects.
  • Share photo or video in viewer via Mail, OneDrive or Twitter.
  • 1x~4x digital zoom.
  • Picture and video playback.

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25 July 2014

Piece of crap....


10 July 2014

I guess I've been trying this photo app out. For $1.49 I see a few benefits to this over otherwin8 photo apps but now I realize CAS has a duller suite of productivity apps. I will explore & report back. jC


22 February 2014

Photos and record video function is good


13 February 2014

I will buy this apps after 30days trial period. This apps is really amazing. Tysm. BernardiSantiago


12 February 2014

This is a very good app for free to use. Nice.


7 February 2014

I am now planning to load this program on Surface 2 The camera is better


1 February 2014

I installed this on my Surface Pro 2. I liked that it had a zoom capability. Video Mode: I pressed the record button. The record button disappeared, but no button appeared to stop the recording. I had to kill the app to stop the recording. I don't think that it actually recorded, since I could not find the resulting video. I then tried taking a photo. I set the camera into photo mode, and clicked the button to take the photo. This time, the button did not disappear, but the hour glass graphic appeared showing that it was busy doing something, but it never finished what it was doing. I finally had to kill the app. I checked the settings to see if I needed some setting, to make the camera work. The "Save location" setting was blank which could lead to my problems. I tried entering the path to my pictures, but it kept rejecting my entries due to illegal characters in the path. One illegal character is ":" . All paths on Microsoft OS systems have a colon ":" after the drive letter.


22 January 2014

This looks to have potential...but not being tech savvy, or a photographer of any merit...I could not find the simple zoom controls. Is it the W ____T slider? I thought that was wide angle to telephoto. Is that the same thing? I could also not find any way to bring up a support just connects me to windows mail when I click on support. I need help with my star ratings are irrelevant as I cannot successfully navigate the interface of this app.


21 October 2013

Supper easy to crop and add effect, I took many photos with different modes, the best camera app I found in store finally.


26 February 2013

I love all the features on this app, but I would like to be able to minimize the screen view, and set a key on the keyboard as a snap button/record button.