Casino Slots HD

A classic 3 reel, slot machine with high quality graphics and with authentic casino odds making it a real challenge to win. Each reel contains 32 possible slots giving a total number of 32768 combinations. Do you feel lucky? Now with the latest update including a bonus game Overlap Roulette, this is a lot more than just a simple slot machine. Play ten spins and get an instant assessment of your luck on the spot. Detailed numbers, data and powerful charts provide you with the insight to optimize your performance and achieve the aim of increasing your winning sessions. Do you have the winning psychology of leaving the game when you are in the black? Can you win more sessions than lose ? If you like the numbers in casino games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat or card games like video poker and solitaire this is a must. Authentic casino slot machine payouts give you the real feeling like being in a casino at Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. Slot machine simulation with generous payback of 98%.


  • session statistics and history
  • a session starts when you start the machine and bet your first coin
  • a session ends when you exit the machine
  • visualize your in session performance, both winning and losing streaks using the chart
  • use the chart trends to guide you when to exit the session
  • instant on the spot assessment of your luck after just ten spins
  • Percentile Ranking
  • compare your performance with the Luck Index, over a million plays
  • use Auto-Spin to generate more lucky data points for charting and analysis
  • ancient Greek treasure theme
  • maximum jackpot of 5000 coins, bet upto 10 coins per spin
  • a chance of one in thirty thousand of hitting the jackpot
  • live leaderboards with five categories, Most sessions, Luckiest device, Best session, Worst session, Most spins
  • customisable screen theme
  • classic 3 reel layout with bonus game

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4 September 2015

Try it, you'll see what I mean. Oh, and not for anything but why do these games need access to your personal information/ pictures/ etc? Think I'll uninstall every game I've tried then run a full security scan.


6 November 2014

Fun, fun, fun!


3 November 2014

interesting and fun game