Now with password protection and bills management module with tile updates, this is the most powerful budget and expense tracking personal finance app. Create as many income, budget, and money accounts as you like using the settings charm. Track your expenses, allowances, income, checking, saving, and credit cards. Easily access your functionality with quick access buttons. Easily expand and collapse regions in the main dashboard. View previous years. Mark an expense category as "Tax Deductible" and then easily see your tax deductible expenses and transactions.... With 3.0 version, you can now setup recurring bills (daily, weekly, or monthly with multiple options) for both your budget categories and for your credit cards. You can review the upcoming bills in the "upcoming bills" page. The application tile will also display the upcoming bills. You can add CerebralBudget to your lock screen to see your upcoming bills due dates on your lock screen


  • Setup your budget/expense categories, monthly allowances, income sources, and cash and credit accounts using the settings charm.
  • Main dashboard showing an overview of expenses and income
  • Quick access buttons to report transactions efficiently
  • View transactions for any month, for any expense category, or any expense category for a given month with a simple click/tab on a cell
  • View The year summary by selecting the year
  • Schedule future transactions and see them being processed when the time comes
  • View previous years in read-only
  • Export an Excel Sheet of your data
  • Mark an expense cateogry as "Tax Deductible" and see tax deductible expenses and transactions in your Excel sheet
  • Backup and restore your data to move your data between devices and have a peace of mind
  • Password protect your application
  • Bills Management Module: setup recurring bills for expense categories and credit cards. See the upcoming bills in the application tile
  • Background process that runs twice/day to update your tile
  • Ability to assign an image to expense categories and money accounts
  • Filter transactions based on money accounts or income accounts

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22 November 2015

This says budget. From what I can see it's just an expense tracker.


30 April 2015

Plan to purchase. Wish the chart on summary page was better. Maybe it will with updates. Sub-categories would be nice. Pretty nice app. Easy to use.


1 February 2015

It would be very helpful If the names of the tiles could be changed to personalize the use.


19 January 2015

How cool is it to name a budget app Cerebral. My brain becomes almost fried when I have to think about numbers, let alone budgeting. My mind goes blank, but when I put it into perspective of "I paid for something" it all comes back to me. This app is just what I needed and it is the same layout that I would use in a spreadsheet form, only this one is more colorful.


18 November 2014

Love it!


8 October 2014

I really like this app. its easy to use and navigate...how ever I am really confused on the purchase price....is it a one time fee of $1.99 or am I missing something.


1 July 2014

Easy to use and the display is great on my three monitor display.


26 April 2014

This is a outstanding app. I have tried others, but this is the best there is.


30 October 2013

great app for customized monthly financial budgeting. I'd like to see the annual and monthly summaries a little easier to read, but overall, great app.


12 July 2013

Dear David: I am from Cerebral Choice. Please email us (support@cerebralchoice.com) if you have any questions. We would love to answer your questions. To Edit money, budget, and income accounts (add, rename, delete, sort) you can use the settings charm. Please see the second screen shot in the screen shots shown in the application description

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