Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is a highly addictive game where you try to explode as many balls as possible. Having one of the easiest game-play among all touch screen games, Chain Reaction is played just with a single tap that will start the reaction and fill the screen with colorful explosion balls. And the killer feature -- Compete worldwide players with Leaderboard and LIVE RANKING. with the name of Deveci Games ...


  • Single tap gameplay
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Relaxing music and sound fx
  • Live Ranking
  • Leaderboard

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8 July 2016

very nice game


9 May 2016

Lots of fun! But I wish there were a chance to earn an extra life after every so many Perfect scores.


2 February 2016

Very good game, it can keep you busy for hours i will give 5 stars


20 September 2015

I never get bored of this one


14 May 2015



13 May 2015

fun and relaxing


2 May 2015

This is a fun game, trying to get as many balls as possible to stick to each other, but the balls disappear after just a few seconds and the more balls on the screen, the faster they disappear, it seems


27 March 2015

I got this for my Windows Phone first... now here, So addicting. :-)


7 February 2015

I can never post a score to the leaderboard as I keep getting a message saying no internet connection. No other program has an issue, so I'm not sure why Chain Reaction does. Fun game otherwise !


14 November 2014

It presents just the right amount of challenge, the music is cool and the colors are great. I play it a lot only it doesn't connect me to the leaderboard anymore. Emailed someone but no one got back to me. I don't play as much as I used to because of this problem

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