Cinema News

Cinema News ia an application to show the newest movies and upcoming movies in the cinema and show you some news for the movies Developed By: Mohamed Mohamed Fahmy AinShams University Assembly Line 5-1 Program - Trainee


  • Help you to know the latest movies in the cinema

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30 June 2014

Very good but When I entered .. a short message appeared saying that I don't have internet connection


29 June 2014

The app is very nice and informative, But why the background has watermarks?, Also I don't see much features in there in addition I don't see all the new movies. But you did a great job :)


22 June 2014

the idea is good , but the logo , the background are so poor , work on it more


11 June 2014

Good app but it needs to be redesign and up to date . you need to add more movies , this app needs to be organized .


5 June 2014

1- I didn't like the Advertisement on the Start Screen. 2- what about if You put the Top Movies in the Box office in your app !?


15 May 2014

Good app but it need to be more organized and the design look so old. Keep up the good work


29 April 2014

The logo and the splash screen are not good .. The homepage is nice except for the ad, This needs a better design!


26 April 2014

good idea but you need to add more films and provide the country which shows these films and you have to change the same page which open on every film you click on ,you can provide more things else to this app and don't link it with the internet page, I don't like the "coming soon" page I think you need to change the colors and designs.


23 April 2014

nice app but needs update and I suggest that you enable semantic zoom option.