City Construction Roads Builder 3D - Excavator Sim

Driving, parking, excavation and construction all available in this City Construction Road Builder Simulator 3D. We have our newest 3d simulator game for you to work as a city constructor in this construction simulator. This game will let you have the full control over the heavy construction vehicles including heavy excavator, construction truck, painter & road roller. Be the city road builder and drive heavy machinery to get job done and build the roads. In this game you will have to play the role of the construction guy to transport building material on your construction truck and dump it on the construction site. Then you get to drive the road roller. So be perfect in your duty as a construction driver. Smooth steering, hydraulic controls, first person driving view and heavy machinery driving all here in city roads builder sim 3d. Experience driving excavator, heavy road roller and truck all ready at construction site. You are the new road builder in town, city needs you, lay the infrastructure so that people can drive and park easily on roads. Play as the construction contractor, take up the challenge of amazing road construction, transport and excavator missions. One of the exciting things about this 3d simulator game is you get to drive multiple heavy vehicles all in one game. Test your skills as the construction driver on a duty to build roads. The flow of the traffic has stopped due to rough roads. Drive the truck to the construction and start your work today. Sit behind the steering and control the heavy vehicles while performing your duty at the construction site. Don’t let your vehicle get damage and park them safely when required.


  • Real Experience of Driving Heavy Vehicles
  • Explore the Construction Site environment
  • Addictive Missions of Excavation, Transport & Road Construction
  • Smooth Steering, Hydraulic Brakes, Lifting and Rotation Controls
  • Amazing 3D Graphics & Environment
  • Real-time Physics Controls for Driving Heavy Vehicles

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23 August 2016

I hate this game


1 July 2016

Second level has a bug and truck does not move


5 March 2016



8 February 2016

Not working


31 January 2016

First level and my truck won't move


29 January 2016

play all


25 January 2016

ye game sabse bada farji game ha. iske jitna faltu game mene dekh hi nahi


23 January 2016

It stopped working on level 2


19 January 2016



17 January 2016

Game sucks it freezes up

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