City Helicopter Air Ambulance 3D

Play City Helicopter Air Ambulance to save people from disasters & accidents. US Air Medical Services has launched a rescue mission for disaster relief jobs in Metropolis city. The rescue team is equipped with a flying chopper, an ambulance doctor for instant pain relief and all the necessary survival equipment in case of emergency. Fly rescue helicopter in this action packed simulator game. As a skillful rescuer, flying through smoke and heavy rains must not be problem for you. The situation is getting worse in the city. Help the victims of fire & burn, drowning, chaos and panic. Help people in need, reach for their salvage. Be the emergency rescuer saviour by driving your rescue helicopter to the accident or disaster struck area. Save drowning citizens or burning people. Take off from your hanger, complete your rescue ops mission, landing back and park your helicopter chopper on a parking spot or a helipad as a master pilot or an ex army aviator. Have a save flight! If you love to play apache Chinook and Comanche helicopter flight, you would love this City Helicopter Air Ambulance in a catastrophic condition even more. Keep patrolling over the Metropolis city to locate the destroying houses and people in danger screaming for safety. Drop off a rope to let them climb up the flying chopper.


  • Superb designs and 3D graphics for real hardcore gaming experience
  • Multiple controllers and smooth on-screen controls
  • Realistic animations for crisis situation in different weather
  • Dynamic experience to drive aircraft type helicopter
  • Extremely challenging rescue missions

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7 November 2015

best helicopter simulation game ever