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    Cocktailpedia application has been updated to include the following improvements: - interface revamped - minor bugs fixed


Pick Your Drink! Cocktailpedia is the ultimate drink making and bartending application – it’s virtually like having a professional bartender as your assistant all the time the only difference being that you’ll get all the credit for all the magnificent cocktails that will astound your friends. The app is the ace-in-the-sleeve for the mixed-drinker in you, offering an amazing on-the-go list with drinks that have changed the taste of recent history. It features top drink recipes served with style and a to-drool-on interface. You will able to browse a very large list of popular drinks to discover new favorites, or search for a specific mix. All recipes have been organized into easy categories. From refined classics to provocative shots and shooters, Cocktailpedia gives you all you need for an exquisite (and responsible) drinking experience. Moreover, the app lists units by both US and European standards. Cocktailpedia includes specially selected cocktails (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) with undeniable social reputation and makes simplicity its most important ingredient by filtering instructions so as to be uncomplicated and brief, stripped of bar tender jargon that could be confusing. Each of the drinks comes with picture and detailed info concerning the method, the glass, and the ingredients used in preparing it. Maybe you are in a bar with your friends and want to skip over the usual beers and just order something a bit more chic but can’t figure out what exactly will be the right choice or you’re having some friends over and want to blow them away with your skills or get the party started quickly - with Cocktailpedia you can never go wrong (even when faced with ignorant bar tenders) – it’s got all most famous mixtures explained and illustrated. Why collecting thousands of recipes you’ll never get to try when you can focus on knowing the most celebrated ones, discovering your favorites among them as well as daring to come up with your own variant of them? Be a savvy drinker - Why not experience those mixtures you’ve been wanting to try whenever you want and more confidently since now you can quickly access accurate descriptions and details of new drinks that may become your favorite.


  • Stylish, user-friendly interface
  • Easy, Tabbed navigation
  • Search and index navigation through cocktail recipes
  • Share recipe option
  • New and improved categories filter

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13 March 2016

I was looking for something to help expand my knowledge of interesting drinks. I was impressed with how much I found on this app. Definitely something I would recommend.


1 February 2015

Shortage of drinks, no Search by ingredient, and does not display properly on the Surface Pro 3.


24 November 2012

Decent app, but so limited in recipes to be laughably useless. Under Rum it's missing only one of the most well known drinks that contains that ingredient. Mojito anybody?