Collins Thesaurus of the English Language

The fifth edition of the Collins Dictionary and Thesaurus is an essential one-stop source of help with English for all the family. With matching dictionary and thesaurus entries on the same page, this title is a must-have family reference book. Ideal for families, students and in the office, the Collins Dictionary and Thesaurus provides clear, concise definitions using the most up-to-date data from Collins Corpus - our 4-billion-word language database. The comprehensive dictionary text is complemented by matching same-page thesaurus entries, making it fast and easy to find the information you are looking for. Furthermore, a supplement including over 100 essays on English gives fascinating insights into how the language has evolved, how different writers use English, how English is used around the world, and interesting words from Shakespeare, and for word games. Have confidence: Unrivalled coverage of the very latest words Get it right: Find all the definitions and alternatives you need on one page Get there fast: Clear layout for easy accessibility


  • Quickly customize layout order of the application functions on the Home Page, prioritizing access to matter to you most.
  • Search with word suggestions and wild card features – word suggestions are provided during the freeform search and system supports wildcard like * and ? as substitutes for a single character or parts
  • Instantly review all recently searched terms and jump directly to any date in the search history list to find words reviewed earlier.
  • Browse by Letter” to quickly get to words starting with specific letter or letter combinations and variety of grouping options like grouping “alphabetically” or by “parts of speech”.
  • Create Favorites Folders with custom names and cover art and store unlimited words in the folders.
  • Using Windows 8 zoom to quickly navigate through long word lists within each folder. Using the “Pin” feature create a shortcut directly on your home screen to any folder.
  • Customize folders with unique names and images created from pre-installed “skins” categorized by “Textures”, “Nature”, “Animals” and “Places” or use any images on the device or a live photo taken.
  • The visual “Word Map” streamlines navigation to Synonyms, Antonyms and related words and provides a unique visual view of related dictionary content.
  • Adding short notes to any dictionary entry with the “Notes” in the Word Detail is easy and personalizes the dictionary to what is important to you.
  • True native experience of Windows 8 making it easy to navigate with a mouse or touch screens. Supports and adapts to all screen resolutions screen layouts: landscape, portrait and snap.

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13 December 2013

Love the word map feature, helped map out some sentences I was looking to rewrite!


2 November 2013

Really nice and well-made app


25 September 2013

I tried for ten minutes, at least, to look up synonyms for the word pitifully. Each time it came back with no results. Perhaps I didn't try hard enough to figure it out but on my case it was extremely counter productive.


22 March 2013

Nice application, very well laid out. I love the amount of detail and features.