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Every year, boys and girls all over the world eagerly await Halloween. For on this night, the most mysterious supernatural things occur. These coloring pages depict the main symbols of Halloween, conjuring up all the ancient stories and legends. In coloring these in, your kids will feel the distinctive mood of this mystical night. Paint by numbers - an interactive coloring book for children. This mathematical game teaches children to recognize numbers and solve simple mathematical examples. In addition, this program develops memory, attention, imagination, and logical abilities. Boys and girls of all ages love to color. The simple coloring mode is suitable for the smallest of children, including those of kindergarten and preschool age. These include simple and recognizable images that are easy to color. If the child selects the wrong shape, then they will be prompted with the correct number. Therefore, the picture will always be colored correctly, and the child will quickly memorize the numbers. Children can choose to color by geometrical figures and pictograms in addition to numbers. A child can easily distinguish a square from a circle, diamond, and triangle. School-age children will enjoy the complex coloring mode. Here the picture is divided into a large number of elements, thus making it difficult at first to determine what it depicts. Older children can complicate the task by adding addition and subtraction tasks. Now children will need to solve the examples and choose the correct answers in order to color the picture. This will teach the child how to quickly do arithmetic in their mind. Those who are learning the alphabet can choose to color by letter. Coloring by letters will be useful for children preparing to enter primary school. To make the coloring process more interesting and fun, you can change any of the preset colors. To do this, press and hold the jar of paint and a palette will open. Then you can choose your favorite color. Thus, all the shaded areas of the image can be changed in the coloring by number mode. You can have fun by changing the color scheme to suit your taste. Try the program right now!


  • Teaching children simple arithmetic. Addition and subtraction
  • Coloring by geometrical figures and pictograms
  • Coloring by letters
  • Very simple program interface that any child can master
  • Easy-to-use palette that allows you to put together your own unique set of colors
  • High-quality drawings of all pictures
  • Visual effects and sound effects
  • Pleasing background music
  • Colored pictures automatically saved on closing the program
  • And many other useful features that make coloring entertaining

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23 April 2016



31 October 2015

fun and easy for the kids


15 October 2015

This Game Is The Best


17 June 2015



16 June 2015

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26 May 2015

like it


22 May 2015

I love it


6 April 2015

Mom Is Nite To Me


23 February 2015

youpeople need to chang it


1 February 2015


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