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    This update contains the following: - Language updates in Japanese - Additional features for Right To Left - Feature to remember Two Page and Right To Left setting - Fix for random app crashes with large images As a result of this update the import process may slow down because of the resizing of images for very large comic book files. Image quality will also degrade. Regular size images will not be affected. PLEASE KEEP REPORTING ERRORS, Thanks for the support


ComicBookReader provides a class-A reading experience for all your digital comic books! Whether they are in CBZ or CBR format, this app will be able to display them flawlessly! Because we know you have a lot of digital comic books, ComicBookReader won't have a problem with large quantities of Comic books! Take a look at some or our features and decide if this is the app for you! This app does not contain any actual digital comic books. Illustrated images are copyright free and in the public domain. Privacy policy: ComicBookReader does not collect or publish any personal information, it requires access to your internet connection to be able to display advertisements.


  • Lightning fast, tested with up to 500 comic files and still loads within seconds!
  • Support for CBR and CBZ comic book archives
  • Import entire folder at once, no more browsing to those comic books manually
  • Organize all you comic by Series and/or Publisher. It couldn't be easier!
  • Keeps track of the pages you have already read and allows you to continue reading
  • Preview pages and quickly jump to a specific page
  • Delete pages you don't want to see anymore
  • Double-tap to zoom for the ultimate reading experience
  • True Windows 8 look and feel with amazing animations!
  • Free if you choose, or remove ads through in-app purchase
  • New: Two page view with zoom

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5 April 2016

The ads are annoying. Deleted and looking for something better.


26 July 2014

"Cannot determine compressed file stream type". What does that even mean?


11 November 2013

I'd like to uninstall it.


2 August 2013

Going through all the comic book apps trying to find one I like. This one has the best Interface I've seen, with the ability to organize by series and even publisher. However failing to recognize portrait mode cripples it.


6 June 2013

This is a decent comic reader, though it need portrait orientation reading, use comic covers, not squares, ability to do 'playlists' for crossovers, tagging of characters for searching through comics for that one guest starring issue.


21 May 2013

Seems these comic book apps are always missing something. You find one that does something another was missing and then that one has it's own problem the other didn't have. The one issue with this app is that whatever system is used to display the comics causes illustrations and text to look blurry. My other cbr readers the comics look sharp and beautiful. With this app they look very blurry. Fix that and it gets 5 stars from me.


5 May 2013

Import is a slow proccess. You cant rotate image to use in portrait on Surface. And use gesture to change page in touch screen.


23 April 2013

This is better than all others out there. Worth the price to remove the ads. The zoom does work. Not sure what these people are talking about. And complaining about the ads infers that they're too cheap to pay a low price for quality software. Only big thing that irks me is that to delete a file, I have to open up the comic and then hit delete at the bottom. PLEASE add a bulk deleting feature where you drag down/right-click to select.


17 April 2013

Takes absurdly long to import files and you can't rotate the screen you get a very narrow landscape window to see the comic and some ads. Pretty pointless.


30 January 2013

While the library function of the app is a great step up from everything else offered on the Windows Store, it's far from feature complete. Also, lack of zoom/other views means this app won't be successful on a desktop/laptop at all. And the ads -oh god the ads!- are terribly placed. It's like a very rushed product. Do not pay for this.

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