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  • Category: Entertainment
  • Published by: Lindybeat ?
  • Size: 1.2 MB
  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States) and 7 other languages ?
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  • Notes:
    Add support for taking notes using OneNote ======================================= Some crash fixes ========================================== UX fixes ========================================== Make it easier to swipe with one finger ========================================== Fix a number of UX issues. Fixed a bug in RTL portrait fit-to-width mode ========================================== Allow user to disable animations/transitions in the app (for accessibility purposes) ========================================== "Preserve Zoom on page turn" added to Options page ========================================== "See Issues" added so you can jump to folder from the comic Import and export of issue metadata from options page (so you can uninstall/reinstall app without losing your place)

comics Jolt! Light

comicsJolt! Free is the premiere free comic book reader. If you have a collection of digital comics in cbr or cbz format, you can use the beautiful interface to read your comics! If you have any feature requests, please let us know at www.facebook.com/comicsjolt.


  • Read manga with an intuitive swipe interface
  • Access thousands of manga comics on the Internet
  • Dual page view support
  • Search through your library - just by typing from the main page
  • Saves your spot per comic, and you can easily jump to comics in recent history
  • See a filmstrip of every page in your comic with "semantic zoom"
  • Works well with touchscreen or keyboard/mouse interaction
  • Live Tiles so you know what you're currently reading
  • Pin comics or folders to your Start Screen
  • Share comic pages with friends
  • Load cbr and cbz files from File Explorer
  • Developer open to feedback and feature requests

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10 October 2014

It's $1.99 and however long it took you to download wasted


24 July 2014

Disruptive ads and no rotate. Laughably bad.


21 June 2014

Very good app, but I paid $2 in the Lite version and it's still "Lite" on my start screen tiles. Why doesn't the tile icon change to full version since? We should not have to rebuy the app just to get the full version icon. Badly handled. But the app itself is excellent.


1 June 2013

Now that the crashes are fixed this is nearly perfect. Easily worth 1.50


18 May 2013

The update has fixed the constant crashing. This is the best comic book reader.


15 May 2013

Hi folks, so sorry about the crashing bugs. I had updated the Microsoft Ads control and it is causing issues. I've now gone and removed it and submitted an update! So sorry for the inconvenience!


6 May 2013

This has to be the most comprehensive comic book reader out there, and I would give it five stars if it wouldn't crash every five to thirty seconds.


1 May 2013

By far the best comic reader on Win8, try the others and you will end up here. It has a beautiful layout and works well. I'd say the worst thing about this apt right now is it tile. It could use a better designed logo tile it currently seems juvenile. All in all that didn't stop it from earning 5 stars.


4 March 2013

Not a bad reader app at all. The comment about the banner is silly. I do get some crashes, but not often (usually when quickly scrolling through the collection). I think the current collection browsing is a little unwieldy. I imported about 200 comics, I'd much prefer to maybe see the folders of the comics then drill down to view those comics rather than try and scroll past so many to find the one I want to read.


29 December 2012

wonderful app to use. I can read my comics on my drive! Plus you can't beat free! Update: That comment about the big ad - it doesn't bug me cuz the app is free, but you can pay $1.49 to get rid of the ad which is a great deal. As a fellow developer I know how much time goes into writing an app. and heck you get worse ads if you read comics on a website.

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