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  • Category: Books & Reference / E-reader
  • Published by: Lindybeat ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States) and 7 other languages ?
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    Add support for SOLID archives ======================================= Add support for taking notes using OneNote ======================================= Some crash fixes ========================================== UX updates ========================================== Add support for orientation lock in pageview ========================================== Make it easier to swipe with one finger ========================================== Fix a number of UX issues. Fixed a bug in RTL portrait fit-to-width mode ========================================== Allow user to disable animations/transitions in the app (for accessibility purposes) ========================================== "Preserve Zoom on page turn" added to Options page ========================================== "See Issues" added so you can jump to folder from the comic Import and export of issue metadata from options page (so you can uninstall/reinstall app without losing your place) ========================================== Fixed crash on suspend, as well as on launch when loaded via file fixed image mirror bug in win8.1 preview ========================================== Bug fixes ======================================== Fixed a bug in layout when rotating from landscape to portrait ========================================== Speeded up perf on ARM

comics Jolt!

Have a bunch of digital comic books you'd like to read on your Windows 8 machine? comicsJolt! will give you a beautiful reading experience, allowing you to read your cbr and cbz files from your hard drive. If your favorite feature is missing, just make a request at www.facebook.com/comicsjolt. This app does not ask for, collect, store or transmit any personal information.


  • Read comics with an intuitive swipe interface
  • Search through your library - just by typing from the main page
  • Optionally you can read from right-to-left for Japanese-style manga
  • Dual page view support
  • Works well with touchscreen or keyboard/mouse interaction
  • Live Tiles so you know what you're currently reading
  • Pin comics or folders to your Start Screen
  • Share comic pages with friends
  • See a filmstrip of every page in your comic by pinching on the screen (semantic zooming)
  • Saves your spot per comic, and you can easily jump to comics in recent history
  • Load cbr and cbz files from File Explorer
  • Developer open to feedback and feature requests

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28 January 2015

Very good product,.. all controls should be available from the mouse.


23 December 2014

Ease of use, remembers your place, & no errors after months of use


11 November 2014

I have been using Windows 10 Preview and after the latest update it didn't want to play nice with Comix, another premium reader I was using. I have tried 9 different readers and this seems to be the best one for the price and money. It allows you to organize your comics and it goes from one issue to another without having to stop reading or go to a menu. The zoom feature works good and I like the option of it being able to save your zoom in-between pages. Great work!


11 September 2014

I would like the ability to edit the library view.


31 August 2014

Of all the comic apps I've tried, this is one of the best. PerfectViewer on Android is a little more customizable, but this is my favorite from the Windows App store.


27 August 2014

This app failed to recognize some of the .cbr files even though they were created the exact same way.


10 August 2014

Great cbr/cbz reader. Recommend a setting to disable the screen shutting down over time while app is open


6 August 2014

I can direct it to the folder that holds all of my comics, but it keeps telling me there are no comics in that folder. Fix this or give me a refund.


20 July 2014

Best comicbookmreader for windows surface so far! Can open comics straight from harddrive with no need to import. Easy to use and makes your comics look great.


6 July 2014

Works amazingly!

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