Commando Blackout: Sniper Kill

Missions in this game brings five missions of furious army sniper in war. Assassin killing targets in five missions of gun shooting. Exotic addictive experience. Contract assassin aims targets in war from rooftop. Action camera following bullets makes gameplay very addictive. Simple thrilling action game for your entertainment with rare high precision rifle. You have limited rounds and bullets. Make them count. Commando Blackout: Sniper Kill enemies are around you in surrounding environment. The place is a valley in between mountains. Gun shooting war has started. Make combat strategy, focus rival, aim precisely and start eliminating targets in the warfare. Equipped with military rifle and high zooming scope for detection. Strategy is important for success in this game. There are many challenging enemies in five levels of this FPS. The gun shoot attack has started. Commando Blackout: Sniper Kill environment is a green valley in between hills with structures and building occupied by terrorist forces. Terrorists plan attacks and kidnap innocents in this area. Bring peace to this beautiful valley. Take your rifle, use zooming options, and take clear shots of terrorists. Take out all targets in furious killer war with your high precision rare commando rifle. Reload you gun as quick as possible. Aim in the blackout mission pulling the trigger to enjoy addictive strategy using your gun completing challenges to bring peace. Commando Blackout: Sniper Kill takes high caliber rifle to aim targets. Bring peace. You are the last commando survivor of war. You are army commando. The five missions are your last objectives. This game bring you intuitive controls and new content. Nearly impossible to eliminate all targets unless your play with strategy. High-res textures, 3D graphics, low memory requirements enjoyable FPS 5experience on Windows desktops and Tablets. Fire at rivals with great strategy. If you like sniper shoot games. This game is for you. Take you shooting to new environments have new content and new missions. New objectives in levels. New challenges in the battlefield. Military commando game for exotic entertainment. Pull the trigger, take clear vision shots in this FPS to win the combat in warfare. Free to download 3D action UK Arts brought to you the most amazing action packed game in all together. The trigger is ready. We appreciate your kind feedback.


  • Coolest Spectacular Features
  • Addictive sniper 3D
  • Five challenging levels
  • Remarkable high quality textures
  • Radar navigation system
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Realistic enemy attackers
  • Simple addictive challenging game

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22 September 2015

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