Commando City Strike

You are serving as a City commando Striker in a platoon fighting at the front line of battle. You, your gun and your first person shooting skills are all that you have! The enemy army has been spread throughout the capital city and they are involved in killing and assassinating the country citizens. They are equipped with modern weapons and have started a bloody proxy war against your country. The enemies aim to build new empire after capturing all the country land. You are a brave heart commando targeted to fight with enemies in the streets to take revenge of murdered companions. To complete the target, you have got best machine gun and a precise rocket launcher to fire. You have limited bullets and have to fire precisely. It’s a great challenge to attack on a number of soldiers and when survival is must being a sole commando in the battlefield. So, as an expert front line commando of royal forces, use your specialized shooting skills and kill all the enemy soldiers to death. You have to make sure that the defense of city town is fool proof. Your strategy is to protect the city and keep the enemies away from their mission.So, jump into the heat of battle, search the deadly shooters hiding themselves behind the buildings or road hurdles and kill them before they shoot you.... How to Play: Play via Touch devices -Move the player through joystick -Change the weapon through arrows button on the bottom center -Pick the guns and ammo by hand button Play via PC: -Move the player through left,right and forward keys -Make aim through mouse cursor -Change the weapon through back arrow keys and mouse scroll button -Pick the guns through F key on keyboard -Fire through left mouse button and scope through right mouse button


  • Different types of guns including sniper,AK47,pistole
  • Real Real 3D City enviroment
  • 3 Challenging Missions
  • 3D stunning graphics
  • Simple controls- easy to play
  • Addictive and Realistic game play
  • Attractive sound effects