Commando Mission: World War 2

Commando Mission: World War 2 is a 3D FPS (1st Person Shooter) free game on Windows Store. In this game you are an immortal target killer and you have to carry out spec ops all alone. Commando shooter in this game is a legendary hero commando, well equipped with five different types of weapons consisting of a knife, pistol, gun, rocket launcher and hand grenades. The Enemy has planned a series of base attacks. They are going to use alternative plans if one is fails. It is time to become an immortal target killer who is better than anyone, who can face the whole army. The one with no worries what and who comes in front of her in the battlefront! Courage in your heart, well equipped with modern weapons which can trigger down the soldiers in a single kill shot. You are only focused on your contract and to fulfill the mission assigned. Get ready legend hero, it’s your time to shine and make you image better in the field. The storyline behind the free Commando Mission: World War 2 is more than interesting and the contract commando killer will surely like it while carry out the modern spec ops. One group of army is attacking on mafia; they want the work be done without leaking out their plans so you have to carry out the spec ops without exposing yourself that for which gang you are working. For this reason you have been assigned with a challenging task of destroying the location where the plans along with the utilities aiding the plan are kept in the enemy's base. They are going to use a special plan against you and you are going to get the information about that. If you don't stop them, the modern weapon data is at risk once they have attacked your base. The mesmerizing and addictive game play of Commando Mission: World War 2 will raise you to next level of contract legend commando killer’s experience. You have five weapon switching option: you can switch using a button; every time up next weapon's image is displayed using which you can change modern weapons. Your ammo is limited. You have multiple options here for ammo: one case is each soldier you kill; you take the ammo from that dead enemy and for grenades and rockets you need to use the store. Health is limited, you can buy packs from the store and can be used each time your health is low. On using a single pack you get full health to continue accomplishing your mission. Be ready for the spec ops adventure. The kill shot of the hero legend commando is enough to trigger down the militants. On every task completion you are awarded with cash, which is then used for buying rockets, grenades, health packs which can be used in the coming contract missions. You are also awarded with cash even if you destroy any location there, this is also a part of the task that you destroy anything there, will be rewarded. When you are hitting targets, you can hit them from some distance as well using your rocket launcher. That is because sometimes the task is easy if you have an accurate aiming for a kill shot. Smart decisions will help a lot ending the task easily. How to play: - Use the navigation joystick for moving around/navigation - Use nearby area of the aiming, drag you finger there and aim for your kill shot. - Use health button if the counter shows you value more than zero to increase your health. - Shoot button to fire/knife attack/grenade throw/rocket launcher fire. - Anytime you want to pick ammo from opponents or picking your own weapons go near them and you will see a button appear click on it to pick those stuffs. - Go to the store via the main menu, when you have low ammo or health packs