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    NEW - December 11, 2012 - Convertr can now convert units of bandwidth and computer storage with speed and accuracy.


Convertr does unit conversion right. An intuitive interface free of menus -- just one search bar that predicts what conversions you're looking for as soon as you start typing. For a limited time, get Convertr completely free and enjoy fast, accurate unit conversions for over 400 units.


  • INSTANT ANSWERS - Convertr is many times faster than other leading apps. Get your desired conversion in as little as one keystroke, without navigating a single menu.
  • PREDICTIVE SUGGESTIONS - Convertr is smart enough to tell between relevant and irrelevant units, so you can have the results you want as quickly as possible.
  • ACCURATE AND BROAD - Search hundreds of units from the commonplace to the technical to the archaic, and convert between them with customizable precision.
  • DOESN'T GET IN YOUR WAY - Fast results allow you to get back to your work sooner, and Snap Convertr to have a intuitive interface at your fingertips.
  • WINDOWS 8 OPTIMIZED - Use Semantic Zoom to navigate conversions with ease, and use Convertr from anywhere by using your Search Charm.

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1 January 2013

I'm trying to convert 5'10" to cm. The app is crashing as soon as I type 5'1. Otherwise the app is pretty nice!


2 December 2012

I find it easier to use because it's intuitive. I've used a lot of converters and use them every a day. This one seems faster, and easier, because I can transfer my thoughts through my fingers by typing in the starting quantity and category and it quickly pops up a menu of answers to choose from. It's faster than flipping through a menu to choose your category and then setting your input and output categories before you can enter your quantity. For ease of use and accuracy I give it 5 stars.


21 November 2012

There are many units converter on the market. Probably more than any other type of apps. However, Convertr is innovative and distinguishable among the world of unit converters. It doesn't wait for you to select the units you want - it guesses for you, and does a good job at it. Effort has been put into this app.