Cue club is a snooker game in which you will enjoy seven different kinds of very exciting game like U.S. 8-ball, European 8-ball, 9-ball, snooker 147, mini-snooker, speed ball and killer. In the game Cue Club you will also enjoy playing in Virtual chat rooms. In virtual chat rooms you will try to win games and gets ranks. When you gets full ranks then you are able to play game with the boss of the room. When you beat the boss of the room then the next chat room will open. You can enjoy playing game with many types of very beautiful sticks. Every sticks has his own features and swings. You will also play tournaments in this game. If you win the tournament you will get three stars. If you losses in the final of the tournament then you can also get one star.


  • Interesting game Enjoy every moment of play Seven different kinds of games Get ranks Play with bosses Beat the boss and get into next chat room Many kinds of beautiful sticks Tournaments