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Your app for everything Dallas Cowboys news and media! Stay up to date with daily news, reports and videos -- all for your Cowboys. Sections include News, Videos, Opinion (even Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders news), and an NFL feed for league wide updates. If you're a Dallas Cowboys fan, this is a must have app!


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9 March 2015

After opening this app would not function at all other than the add at the bottom of the screen. Go figure.


19 November 2014

Gave up on it after a couple of weeks. I'm 72 and don't have enough time left to be messin with clucky apps.


17 November 2014

App no longer works


13 September 2014

This app is to legit to quit.


8 January 2014

Getting the first couple of lines of each article doesn't do much for me. Is the app broken?


11 August 2013

Look this app isn't perfect, but it's a fantastic aggregator for all news for the Cowboys. If you're as rabid a fan as I am, you'll like this app very much. LOOK FOR THE ICON to review the FULL Story before you rate this app poorly. All stories have an icon to go to the website where it originated so you can get more details. The graphics are great by the way.


13 June 2013

Useless app as it is. Nothing functions, no videos, will not bring up web page. Needs lots of work.


11 June 2013

Does not function up to capacity.


21 May 2013

I installed the app and it just did not work. It provided the first line of the story and then you have to click to read the rest. It just didn't happen. You are also supposed to be able to click on the hyperlink to the web article, that also did not work. I'll try again during the season.


16 May 2013

Complete waste of time even if it only took a second to set up. Most of the apps are a waste. Just google the site you want and pin them to start instead, in fact, also google "google" and pin that so you can get rid of the one that jams up on windows 8

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