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    New Features added for version 2: * Printing Transaction Views * Backup/Restore * Export Transactions * New Loan Calculator * Interest Rate Change Icons in Transaction View

Debt Tracker

* Ever wonder exactly how much an extra payment you made and/or are considering making will save you in interest? Want to see interest savings as a result of each and every individual payment transaction? Interested to know how much you’ve saved so far and to see projected future savings? * Want to see individual and combined views of all your debts in one place? View payoff progress, how much earlier you’ll pay off debts due to extra payments, your overall balance or interest paid and saved at any point in time? * Would you like analyze your personal debts in charts showing year-over-year payment breakdowns, balances, interest and time savings? * Want more control than the standard mortgage/loan calculators on the web? The ability add/edit transactions in the payment schedule, change interest rates or extra payments at any time over the life of the debt? Debt Tracker is a powerful and easy to use tool that puts you in control of your debt. Debt Tracker allows you to easily track and analyze all your debts in one place, including installment loans (mortgages, auto loans, etc.) and revolving credit (credit cards). Track your payoff progress in Debt Tracker as you check off monthly payments, visualize individual debt metrics or your overall debt picture in powerful charts, brag about how that one payment earlier this year saved you thousands of dollars in interest! Try Debt Tracker risk free with a 7 day full-featured trial!


  • With minimal input Debt Tracker will setup a standard payment schedule as a starting point, and from there you are in total control.
  • Each month you can quickly record the standard payment, or edit the payment info before recording.
  • Edit interest rate, minimum/extra payments as you progress through the payment schedule to support scenarios like variable interest rates, changing extra payment amounts as your budget changes.
  • Add future or one-time extra payments, allowing you to try out “what if” scenarios to see how much you could save.
  • Add balance adjustments, or purchase/credit transactions to keep Debt Tracker up to date and accurate.
  • For mortgages/loans, Debt Tracker supports standard monthly compounded interest, along with daily and semiannual compounding (e.g. Canadian Mortgages).
  • For credit cards, Debt Tracker goes way beyond typical debt tools available today by supporting the actual calculation methods creditors use to determine monthly interest and minimum payments.
  • Ultimately this means you don’t have to hassle with entering these values each month and instead Debt Tracker will compute them for you along with more accurate interest savings projections.

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28 January 2016

so far this seems to be a interesting app I will write a new review later but it breaks the debt down and shows how long itll take to get out of debt for me well I got a long road ahead lol


26 September 2015

this app would be even more greater if when the payment is due it deducts the amount from the balance after the due date.


5 May 2015

I really enjoy using this app and watching how my stuff is paid....


29 April 2015

This app is a great way to track debts, extra payments, and time until payoff. I would give it 5 stars if you could leave the apr at zero on debts that have no accruing interest.


22 February 2015

I like the interface and the ease of entering information. Reports are also nice. I just can't figure out how to add extra payments to individual months throughout the life of the debt as some months I can add a little extra and other months I cannot. Also, it would be nice to be able to use the Avalanche or Snowball methods of paying off the debt. As it stands now, this is a program that cannot fulfill my needs. I wish it could, but perhaps in the future, as it matures, it can.


26 January 2015

Great app 😁


21 January 2015

I used other apps but the were not giving me the history of the payments and it was complicated to add an extra payment on the right month, so far this is a great app. I hope you guys have the same experience also, blessings.


22 December 2014

I just started using this app 2 months ago. I enjoy watching my balances go down. It is easy to enter my info and the tracking features are excellent!


22 September 2014

The app is helpful but a few things can make it much better. For example it will not allow me to enter a 0% interest APR for credit cards that have this introductory rate for a limited time (6 to 18 months offered on most cards). Also, if I want to make an additional payment one month, it saves the information for all of the following months as well, but this is only useful if you're consistent with the additional payments. My budget varies each month and additional payments will be different each month.


6 September 2014

I love this app. It has been easy to set up and follow.

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